American soldiers in battle don't fight for what some president says on T.V., they don't fight for mom, apple pie, the American flag...they fight for one another.

— Hal Moore

The most seductive Hal Moore quotes that are little-known but priceless

When we step on the battlefield, I will be The First Boots On and the Last Boots Off.


Tell the Truth, and speak from your pay-grade.

Don't try to answer questions that would better be directed to the battalion commander or Gen. William Westmoreland or President Lyndon Johnson. If you are a squad leader, answer questions about what you know and do.


For a sailor to sail around the world, the thought is just, sometimes, too much.

Thus, one simply goes from port to port in the same direction.


There is always one more thing you can do to increase your odds of success.


Hate war, but love the American Warrior.