I think that we're guided by the motto in "essentials unity, non essentials liberty and in all things charity." So if pastors compromise essential Christian doctrine, I think that there is a biblical warrant for naming them.

— Hank Hanegraaff

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True faith is trusting the sovereign God even when we don't understand.


Faith in Christ is not some blind leap into a dark chasm, but a faith based on established evidence.


Christian Research Institute want to remain relevant with respect to the culture's issues and the reason we want to do that is so that people can use the deviations as spring boards or opportunities to share the truth, light, grace and peace that only Jesus Christ can bring to the human heart.


The power of story is potent and that's why historical fiction can be an extraordinarily significant way of teaching people logical truth propositions, moves you along, moves your emotions as well as informs your intellect.


Christian Research Institute will continue doing what we do .

.. making people so familiar with truth that when counterfeits loom on the horizon, they know it instantaneously. So we're a discernment ministry, continually trying to build Christians up so that they can discern between truth and error.


Charles Haddon Spurgeon said that the old covenant was a convenant of prosperity, and the new convenient is a covenant of adversity, whereby we're being weaned from the present world and made meek for the world to come.


I think that as Christians we want to think Christianly, and that means that we want what the Bible says as a rule for life and living to impact every aspect of our life. The Bible informs us of such issues and we need to as Christians do what a first century church did and that is realize that we are not living to be politically correct, popular, or prosperous, but we 're living with eternity in mind.


I write about this in The Last Temple, the early church knew that Christ has risen from the dead, and so they didn't live their lives with earthly vanities, but they lived their lives for eternal verities. And I think that if we might catch that enthusiasm and the reality of resurrection, we would live by a completely different standard as well.


False teachers invite people to come to the Master's table because of what's on it, not because they love the Master.


Marriage is the basic building block of civilization. We are redefining it at our own peril.


Evolution is the most important battle that Christians have to fight today, a battle we must win by any means, fair or foul!


From arts, to literature, to science, to the founding of Christian institutions, all of that has its roots in a biblical worldview, but when you fail to recognize that it's the systemic reality of the greatest civilization in the history of humanity, you can become apathetic about what you actually now have. We have something that generations of people did not have.


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I think that it's proper to warn people when they have clearly crossed the line between the Kingdom of Christ and the kingdom of the cults.


We stand in the shadow of the Bible today as opposed to in the pages of the Bible. I think that the biblical illiteracy comes as a direct result of a failure to recognize that the DNA of western civilization comes from a biblical worldview.

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