If Christians cannot communicate as thinking beings, they are reduced to encountering one another only at the shallow level of gossip and small talk. Hence the perhaps peculiarly modern problem - the loneliness of the thinking Christian.

— Harry Blamires

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The bland assumption that the Church's life will continue to be fruitful so long as we go on praying and cultivating our souls, irrespective of whether we trouble to think and talk Christianly, and therefore theologically, about anything we or others may do or say, may turn out to have dire results.


. . . the Christian Mind has succumbed to the secular drift with a degree of weakness unmatched in Christian History.


The mental secularization of Christians means that nowadays we meet only as worshipping beings and as moral beings, not as thinking beings.


There is no longer a Christian mind.


There is nothing in our experience, however trivial, worldly, or even evil, which cannot be thought about christianly.

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