On the whole, mental archaeology was a sordid digging proposition. The evil men did endured, the good was infinitely more ephemeral. You could generally find out whether a man had been a horse-thief, or an embezzler or a wife-beater, if you worked hard enough, but acts of kindness, of charity, a gay spirit, vanished without leaving a trace.

— Helen Kieran Reilly

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Beauty is only bearable when you're happy.


Time is the measure of that which changes.


Do good and throw it in the sea; if God doesn't see it, the fishes will.


Joy could be as exhausting as grief.


emotion without discipline is as dangerous as a high-powered car without brakes.


You trust wholly or not at all. Trust was not divisible.


Domesticity was meat and drink to Mouse, and she liked taking care of people.

She had done it for so long that it had become a habit with her.

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