Jesus did not identify the person with his sin, but rather saw in this sin something alien, something that really did not belong to him, something that merely chained and mastered him and from which he would free him and bring him back to his real self. Jesus was able to love men because he loved them right through the layer of mud.

— Helmut Thielicke

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The gospel must be preached afresh and told in new ways to each generation, since every generation has its own unique questions. The gospel must constantly be forwarded to a new address, because the recipient is repeatedly changing his place of address.


When the drama of history is over, Jesus Christ will stand alone on the stage.

All the great figures of history ... will realize that they have been but actors in a drama produced by another.


The Christian stands, not under the dictatorship of a legalistic 'you ought,' but in the magnetic field of Christian Freedom, under the empowering of the 'You may.'


A church is in a bad way when it banishes laughter from the sanctuary and leaves it to the cabaret, the nightclub and the toastmasters.


The doubters are always more blessed than the mere fellow travelers in faith.

For they are the only ones who fully learn that their Lord is stronger than any doubt and any hell of despair.


I don't believe that God is a fussy faultfinder in dealing with theological ideas. He who provides forgiveness for a sinful life will also surely be a generous judge of theological reflection. Even an orthodox theologian can be spiritually dead, while perhaps a heretic crawls on forbidden bypaths to the sources of life.


What is the greatest deficiency among human Chrsitians? They have an inadequate view of human suffering.


When God forgives us for hitting Him with a club we should manage to put up with the pin pricks we get from our fellows.


The Gospel must constantly be forwarded to a new address, because the recipient is repeatedly changing his place of residence.


Tell me how much you know of the sufferings of your fellowmen and I will tell you how much you have loved them.


A theological thought can breathe only in the atmosphere of dialogue with God.