110+ Howard Schultz Quotes On Customer Service, Teamwork And Starbucks

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  1. Starbucks represents something beyond a cup of coffee.
  2. When it comes to Starbucks, I take every threat very personally.
  3. Believe in your dreams and dream big. And then after youve done that, dream bigger.
  4. Starbucks has a role and a meaningful relationship with people that is not only about the coffee.
  5. Starbucks is in my blood. It is such a part of me that letting it unravel simply was not an option.
  6. There's a metaphor Vincent Eades likes to use: "If you examine a butterfly according to the laws of aerodynamics, it shouldn't be able to fly. But the butterfly doesn't know that, so it flies.
  7. When you're surrounded by people who share a passionate commitment around a common purpose, anything is possible.
  8. Starbucks is committed to evolving and enhancing our customer experience with innovative and wholesome food offerings.
  9. Customers must recognize that you stand for something.
  10. When we began Starbucks, what I wanted to try to do was to create a set of values, guiding principles, and culture.

Howard Schultz Short Quotes

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  • Everyone starts strong. Success comes to those with unwavering commitment to be at the end.
  • Don't settle! Embrace a dream--and keep dreaming. Don't be a bystander. Take it personally.
  • Risk more than others think safe.
  • Sometimes you have to create the thing you want to be part of.
  • A great business has to have a conscience. You have to know who you are and who you are not.
  • Social and digital media is a bullet train, and that bullet train is not coming home.
  • In times of adversity and change, we really discover who we are and what we're made of.
  • Business leaders cannot be bystanders.
  • Care more than others think wise.
  • The challenge of the retail business is the human condition.
 quote If you want to achieve widespread impact and lasting value, be bold.
If you want to achieve widespread impact and lasting value, be bold.

Howard Schultz Quotes On Starbucks

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Starbucks has stores in America in many, many communities that are governed by many, many different municipalities. Starbucks cannot dictate to a municipality in Cincinnati or Kansas City or Sacramento how or why or when there should be a recycling program. — Howard Schultz

Do I take criticism of Starbucks personally? Of course I do. — Howard Schultz

I am concerned about any attrition in customer traffic at Starbucks, but I don't want to use the economy, commodity prices or consumer confidence as an excuse. — Howard Schultz

I think Starbucks created a platform and, ultimately, a runway for many other companies to emulate. I suspect if we had not achieved what we have, there would have been many regional brands that would have succeeded. But I'm not sure there would have been a national brand of the scope of Starbucks. — Howard Schultz

Starbucks is not an advertiser; people think we are a great marketing company, but in fact we spend very little money on marketing and more money on training our people than advertising. — Howard Schultz

My son is trying to be a sports writer, and my daughter is a college student. She wants to be a comedy writer, and she's at film school. I discouraged both of them early on from getting involved in Starbucks. I didn't think it would be fair; plus, they didn't have any interest anyway. — Howard Schultz

With a population of more than 600 million people, an emerging middle class that is driving strong consumption, and a robust and resilient economy, Southeast Asia presents a compelling growth opportunity for Starbucks. — Howard Schultz

We need to put ourselves in the shoes of our customers. That is my new battle cry. Live and breathe Starbucks the way our customers do. — Howard Schultz

The success of the Starbucks has been based on this balance between profitability and a social conscience. Everywhere we're doing business, were trying to manage the business through the lens of humanity. — Howard Schultz

Starbucks trying to build a different kind of company around the balance of profitably and benevolence. A social conscience. And that isn't a program it has to be a way of life. — Howard Schultz

Howard Schultz Quotes On Coffee

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We would take something old and tired and common - coffee - and weave a sense of romance and community around it. We would rediscover the mystique and charm that had swirled around coffee throughout the centuries. — Howard Schultz

I was taken by the power that savoring a simple cup of coffee can have to connect people and create community. — Howard Schultz

My kids probably started drinking coffee in their late teens. — Howard Schultz

I can't imagine a day without coffee. I can't imagine! — Howard Schultz

In many places where coffee is grown, deforestation is a major issue. With Starbucks' position in the marketplace and the respect and relationships we have, we can - and have, in some cases - been able to educate and influence people. — Howard Schultz

I think we are living in a time where the consumer has lots of choices, whether it's coffee, newspapers or whatever it is. And there is parity in the market place and as a result of that the consumer is beginning to make decisions, not just on what things cost and the convenience of it. — Howard Schultz

China traditionally has been a tea-drinking country but we turned them into coffee drinkers. — Howard Schultz

The premium single-cup segment is the fastest-growing business within the global coffee industry. — Howard Schultz

If you look at coffee, tea, food and juice, we think there are inherent opportunities. If you look at health bars or grab-and-go products that are in our stores, we think we can significantly enhance them and make them more widely available. — Howard Schultz

I think people will walk into the Starbucks store and overnight recognize the significant difference between what Starbucks represents day-in and day-out and all the other coffee companies that have been serving coffee in India for so many years. — Howard Schultz

Howard Schultz Quotes On Innovative

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Grow with discipline. Balance intuition with rigor. Innovate around the core. Don't embrace the status quo. — Howard Schultz

I think there is probably no better person to aspire to emulate than Steve Jobs and what he has done at Apple in terms of his leadership, his innovation, not settling for mediocrity. — Howard Schultz

More than anything else, technology will pave the way for innovative change at Starbucks. The bulk of Starbucks' innovation over the next several years will be technology-focused. — Howard Schultz

The evolving social and digital media platforms and highly innovative and relevant payment capabilities are causing seismic changes in consumer behavior and creating equally disruptive opportunities for business. — Howard Schultz

Howard Schultz Quotes On China

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Success in the United States is not an entitlement in China. You have to go there and earn it, and earn it the right way. — Howard Schultz

Starbucks being an extension of peoples home and work. The sense of community, human connection. That appears to be as relevant in Turkey, China, Japan and Spain as it is here in America. And Starbucks I think is creating something for people all over the world that has not existed before. — Howard Schultz

We have a big opportunity in China. We think the number of stores here can rival the number in North America. — Howard Schultz

Howard Schultz Quotes On Opportunity

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The future of America is not an entitlement. We have been given a treasure chest of gifts and opportunities, but some people are being left behind, and success is not sustainable unless it is shared. — Howard Schultz

Europe has always represented a major strategic opportunity to achieve our goal of creating and building an enduring global brand. — Howard Schultz

The entrepreneurial opportunity in America is alive and well. — Howard Schultz

Howard Schultz Quotes On People

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I think the currency of leadership is transparency. You've got to be truthful. I don't think you should be vulnerable every day, but there are moments where you've got to share your soul and conscience with people and show them who you are, and not be afraid of it. — Howard Schultz

Our mission statement about treating people with respect and dignity is not just words but a creed we live by every day. You can't expect your employees to exceed the expectations of your customers if you don't exceed the employees' expectations of management. — Howard Schultz

I believe life is a series of near misses. A lot of what we ascribe to luck is not luck at all. It's seizing the day and accepting responsibility for your future. It's seeing what other people don't see And pursuing that vision. — Howard Schultz

Don't be threatened by people smarter than you. — Howard Schultz

Hiring people is an art, not a science, and resumes can't tell you whether someone will fit into a company's culture. — Howard Schultz

People want guidance, not rhetoric. They need to know what the plan of action is, and how it will be implemented. They want to be given responsibility to help solve the problem and authority to act on it. — Howard Schultz

People want to be part of something larger than themselves. They want to be part of something they're really proud of, that they'll fight for, sacrifice for, that they trust. — Howard Schultz

Effective leaders share two intertwined attributes: an unbridled level of confidence about where their organizations are headed, and the ability to bring people along. — Howard Schultz

You cant build any kind of organization if youre not going to surround yourself with people who have experience and skill base beyond your own. — Howard Schultz

We woke up one day, and all the sudden Starbucks was in the middle of this political crossfire between the people who want to bring a gun into Starbucks and the people who want to prevent it. It is a very difficult, fragile situation. — Howard Schultz

Howard Schultz Famous Quotes And Sayings

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What I would say to young entrepreneurs is there's so many moments in your life where you have these dreams, and people are trying to protect you, and they say, perhaps, friends, family, parents sometimes, they don't agree with it, they think, 'This is just too high of a hurdle.' And I don't agree with that. — Howard Schultz

Great companies that build an enduring brand have an emotional relationship with customers that has no barrier. And that emotional relationship is on the most important characteristic, which is trust. — Howard Schultz

The growth of the company and the license that Starbucks has is to participate in other food and beverage opportunities. We have a global business... and in many parts of the world, tea is much, much bigger than coffee, and we're going to bring tea and bring our capability and our understanding of what we've done for coffee to tea. — Howard Schultz

I never wanted to be on any billionaires list. I never define myself by net worth. I always try to define myself by my values. — Howard Schultz

Companies should not have a singular view of profitability. There needs to be a balance between commerce and social responsibility... The companies that are authentic about it will wind up as the companies that make more money. — Howard Schultz

Victory is much more meaningful when it comes not just from one person, but from the joint achievements of many. — Howard Schultz

Authentic brands don't emerge from marketing cubicles or advertising agencies. They emanate from everything the company does. — Howard Schultz

Any business today that embraces the status quo as an operating principle is going to be on a death march. — Howard Schultz

In this ever-changing society, the most powerful and enduring brands are built from the heart. They are real and sustainable. Their foundations are stronger because they are built with the strength of the human spirit, not an ad campaign. The companies that are lasting are those that are authentic. — Howard Schultz

But when you really believe-in yourself, in your dream-you just have to do everything you possibly can to take control and make your vision a reality. No great achievement happens by luck. — Howard Schultz

I grew up in a working class family where there was no health insurance. I saw first hand the fracturing of the American dream and the bitterness that comes when there is no hope and a lot of despair. So I wanted to build the company, in a sense, that my father never got a chance to work for. — Howard Schultz

When I first discovered in the early 1980s the Italian espresso bars in my trip to Italy, the vision was to re-create that for America - a third place that had not existed before. Starbucks re-created that in America in our own image; a place to go other than home or work. We also created an industry that did not exist: specialty coffee. — Howard Schultz

The hardest thing about being a leader is demonstrating or showing vulnerability. And that has a lot to do with trust. — Howard Schultz

Work should be personal. For all of us. Not just for the artist and entrepreneur. Work should have meaning for the accountant, the construction worker, the technologist, the manager and the clerk. — Howard Schultz

Great companies are defined by their discipline and their understanding of who they are and who they are not. — Howard Schultz

I don't have any secret sauce and I'm no smarter than anyone else. I will say I have surrounded myself with unbelievable talent that has made my job easier. — Howard Schultz

My father had a series of blue-collar jobs and never made more than $20,000 a year. When I was seven, he got injured on a job. That was a very important point - because of the injury, he couldn't walk, and the company he was working for did not pay him. There was no compensation. So there was no money and no food. — Howard Schultz

Remember: You'll be left with an empty feeling if you hit the finish line alone. When you run a race as a team, though, you'll discover that much of the reward comes from hitting the tape together. You want to be surrounded not just by cheering onlookers but by a crowd of winners, celebrating as one. — Howard Schultz

Overnight the digital age had changed the course of history for our company. Everything that we thought was in our control no longer was. But within a year we had invested in social media and digital experts. Now Starbucks is the number one brand on Facebook. — Howard Schultz

To be an enduring, great company, you have to build a mechanism for preventing or solving problems that will long outlast any one individual leader. — Howard Schultz

I'm in a different position than most CEO's. I'm a founder. I'm not a hired CEO. Now, I can be fired by the board, but most CEO's are hired by the board. — Howard Schultz

In the 1960s, if you were a blue collar worker or uneducated, and you had an injury on the job, the company basically dismissed you. — Howard Schultz

It's ironic that no matter where I go, I meet people from Brooklyn. I'm proud of that heritage. It's where I'm from, who I am. — Howard Schultz

It's one thing to dream, but when the moment is right, you've got to be willing to leave what's familiar and go out to find your own sound. — Howard Schultz

One of the fundamental aspects of leadership, I realized more and more, is the ability to instill confidence in others when you yourself are feeling insecure — Howard Schultz

The lifeblood of job creation in America is small business, but they can't get access to credit. — Howard Schultz

And with the right mentor, don't be afraid to expose your vulnerabilities. Admit you don't know what you don't know. When you acknowledge your weaknesses and ask for advice, you'll be surprised how much others will help. — Howard Schultz

I think that sometimes the difference between winning and losing, success and failure, is this gray line between will, passion and self-belief that says, 'I'm going to do this'. — Howard Schultz

In life, you can blame a lot of people and you can wallow in self-pity or you can pick yourself up and say listen, I have to be responsible for myself. — Howard Schultz

At its core, I believe leadership is about instilling confidence in others. — Howard Schultz

There's an energy and excitement when you're building a company. You have so much tail wind. You're planting new seeds. But it's also scary, because there's no safety net. — Howard Schultz

Dream more than others think practical. — Howard Schultz

My mother taught me something at a young age - she said 'you are the company you keep.' To define yourself by some label or some level of resources - that's pretty shallow. — Howard Schultz

Always challenge the old ways. — Howard Schultz

Success is the by-product when you work toward the target. — Howard Schultz

Passionate conviction ... sparks romances, wins battles, and drives people to pursue dreams others wouldn't dare. Belief in ourselves and in what is right catapults us over hurdles, and our lives unfold. — Howard Schultz

We have no patent on anything we do and anything we do can be copied by anyone else. But you can't copy the heart and the soul and the conscience of the company. — Howard Schultz

Many companies today are reducing hours of full-time people to get under the minimum so they don't have to pay health care costs. I just shake my head because that's not going to build long-term value and trust with your people. — Howard Schultz

At Starbucks 0 as in any business, in any life - there are so many hectic moments during the day when we are simply trying to do the job, trying to put out the fires, trying to solve any number of small problems, that we often lose sight of what it is we're really here to do. — Howard Schultz

Managing a business, small or large, today requires an extremely disciplined, thoughtful approach with regard to the pressure that people are under. — Howard Schultz

If it Captures Your Imagination, it will captivate others. — Howard Schultz

When I returned as CEO in 2008, Starbucks had forgotten that meaningful innovations balance an organization's heritage with modern-day relevance and market differentiation, so we had to reorient. In one brainstorming session, we visited and observed great retailers, then asked ourselves, 'If Starbucks did not exist, what type of coffee experience would we create? — Howard Schultz

If you put on a lousy production with white actors, it's lousy. There is a problem, or can be, at this stage of our social evolution, with mixing the casts. It may not be a question of race so much as class. You would rarely find a black man in a high executive position where he was swinging his weight around. — Howard Schultz

It's different when you're trying to turn something around, especially something that you built, at a time when so many constituents - the media, Wall Street, competitors, ex-employees - are all saying that Starbucks's best days are behind it, and that Schultz is never going to be able to bring it back. — Howard Schultz

Early on I realized that I had to hire people smarter and more qualified than I was in a number of different fields, and I had to let go of a lot of decision-making. I can't tell you how hard that is. But if you've imprinted your values on the people around you, you can dare to trust them to make the right moves. — Howard Schultz

There's this myth that has been exacerbated by others that Starbucks means a $4 cup of coffee, which is not true. — Howard Schultz

I think the most important thing that I think everyone in America must have is belief that wherever they live, whatever station they have in life, that the American dream is alive and well. I think the fracturing of trust and confidence is in the American dream. — Howard Schultz

Anybody can leverage celebrity for profit. — Howard Schultz

I could've just walked away but I never could have forgiven myself to allow Starbucks to drift into mediocrity or not be relevant. I just couldn't be a bystander. — Howard Schultz

Cutting prices or putting things on sale is not sustainable business strategy. The other side of it is that you can't cut enough costs to save your way to prosperity. — Howard Schultz

People in Washington need to put their feet in the shoes of working Americans. — Howard Schultz

I think what we're lacking in society, not only in the U.S. but also around the world, is to find heroes once again and to celebrate these kind of people. — Howard Schultz

I think growth covers up mistakes. — Howard Schultz

My passion. My commitment. This is the most important thing in my life other than my family. — Howard Schultz

I do feel, in a sense, the rules of engagement for citizenship has changed, and we must encourage other people to speak up and to take action. — Howard Schultz

Every step of the way, I made a point to underpromise and overdeliver. In the long run, that's the only way to ensure security in any job. — Howard Schultz

Life Lessons by Howard Schultz

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  1. Howard Schultz taught us the importance of having a clear vision and staying true to it. He also showed us that hard work and dedication can lead to success, as he built Starbucks from a small regional coffee shop to a global powerhouse. Lastly, he demonstrated the power of innovation and how it can be used to create a unique and successful business.

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