Anything I wanted to do and achieve has not been influential in my life, but my failures have.

— Imtiaz Ali

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I think I am a travel junkie and I have never enjoyed anything else in my life more than travelling and going to places.


I myself got married at a very young age.

It has always intrigued me because marriage is very synthetic in an otherwise natural world.


My father did irrigation jobs, and I would sometimes accompany him, and that gave me a taste of what was going on in the innards of India.


On the contrary Deepika feels inferior to other people I was surprised when I realised it. She is straightforward & very giving


I have never seen a film being as influenced by the incidents during its making as Highway. The adventures of our north Indian road journey has many stories to tell.


I come from a middle class background.

I have travelled a lot by trains and have lived in the world. It is a world I cannot get away from; I would not even want to.


The story of 'Highway' is completely about travel.

It is about the fascination of travel to an extent that I don't want to even reach the destination and also being away from society gives you a certain view of the society, so that was the intention of the film.


I have always tried to make profitable films because people's offices shut down if films fail, and I will do everything to avoid that.


Usually, you lose interest in a story beyond a certain point.

But with Highway, there was something very subtle, yet something very influential. I intended Highway to be the first film that I ever made. Didnt happen.


'Love Aaj Kal' is not really a road movie, but it does involve some travel.


All the conscious decisions that I have taken in my life have never borne fruit.

Not even come close! So, I am just very happy not planning.


I try to travel as much as I can... I'm always looking for a reason to.


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Through travel, you discover a new aspect to your personality.

You discover things which you wouldnt seated in the confines of your home.


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