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  1. When I die, I want to decompose in a barrel of porter and have it served in all the pubs in Dublin. I wonder would they know it was me?
  2. On Being Old. It's not nice but take comfort that you won't stay that way for ever.
  3. Writing is turning one's worst moments into money.
  4. I'm starved for love. Not ordinary love but real love. The love that's like music or something.
  5. The purpose of writing is to make your mother and father drop dead with shame.
  6. I'm all for Christianity, but insolence must be put down.
  7. Blessed are they who in this sea of frailty, climb aboard a piece of ass as it floats by.
  8. The best book of the year, Grobel's writing is quite marvelous. The Hustons reads vividly, just like one of John Huston's great films.
  9. To marry the Irish is to look for poverty.
  10. And no. I must not go on thinking. For the pain will never go away. You just go on and live. In the dust of desertion. Still falling where last I loved.

J. P. Donleavy Short Quotes

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  • The inhabitants will always see both sides of an argument so long as it can result in a fight.
  • I got disappointed in human nature as well and gave it up because I found it too much like my own.
  • You know, there must be happiness somewhere, when a lawyer dies.
  • See all the women seated, youth in their face lifts, old age in their hands.
  • Expect the worst and that's what you'll get only it will be much worse.
  • Rid the mind of knowledge when looking for pleasure. Or start thinking and find a lot of pain.
  • If you're going to love somebody, love somebody who needs it.

J. P. Donleavy Quotes On Death

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When you don't have any money, the problem is food, When you have money, it's sex. When you have both, its. It's health, If everything is simple, then you're frightened of death. — J. P. Donleavy

When I die I want to decompose in a barrel of porter and have it served in all the pubs in Dublin. — J. P. Donleavy

But Jesus, when you don't have any money, the problem is food. When you have money, it's sex. When you have both, it's health, you worry about getting ruptured or something. If everything is simply jake then you're frightened of death. — J. P. Donleavy

Dear Mr Skully, I have caught my neck in a mangle and will be indisposed for eternity. Yours in death S.D. — J. P. Donleavy

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Electronic books are a bad thing because they cannot be accumulated on shelves to remind you of your past, to impress your neighbors and colleagues, and to help prevent divorces thanks to the sheer bother of arguing over who owns what. — J. P. Donleavy

Sometimes you write and you find yourself almost wondering how it will turn out. I don't think every writer sort of almost admits that at some stage his books can take on their own kind of life it selves and simply lead away into directions that they're not kind of prepared for. — J. P. Donleavy

At the age of 18 I don't think that I thought very differently than I did at the age of 25. I think we instinctively have the knowledge and adapt the knowledge we need. — J. P. Donleavy

Revenge is what I want. Nothing but pure unadulterated revenge. But my mother brought me up to be a lady. — J. P. Donleavy

Life Lessons by J. P. Donleavy

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  1. J. P. Donleavy's work emphasizes the importance of being true to oneself and living life on one's own terms.
  2. His characters often face difficult situations, but they are able to overcome them by relying on their own strength and resilience.
  3. His stories show that even in the face of adversity, it is possible to find humor and joy in life.

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