Now, because of this big backdrop that we've given ourselves, these little personal, human details take on a whole new context and give us opportunities for comedy.

— Jason Winer

The most passioned Jason Winer quotes that are little-known but priceless

I'm eager to do movies of different genres.

I would love to not be confined by genre and do a lot of different things.


I think back to the Modern Family pilot when we didn't know that Julie Bowen had a spotty party girl past, but that's something that we layered in, throughout the first season. That's just part of the fun of series television. You get to discover these things.


I like letting takes play out, beginning to end.

I don't like doing pick-ups of one line or another. I like letting the actors discover the flow of the scene, inside the scene as a whole.


You have to move really fast, as a director in television.

If you're able to keep things moving on set, everybody has more fun, and when everybody has more fun, the end result is funnier.