For about two years, I was a little wild. I was out partying, having adventures.

— Jeremy Miller

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Possibly I want to bring my acting into the cooking, blending the two together.

What I love is cooking for other people and seeing them enjoy what I have created for them. And same thing goes for acting. I have even tried to make some Chinese dishes before. It's very difficult. That's probably why eating at authentic Chinese restaurants is part of my journey here.


I have attention deficit disorder, so sitting in a classroom is not the best thing for me.


My grandmother was a chef, and she taught me to cook.

One day I want a restaurant, a small Italian grill. Thats my aspiration.


I've been in a bad accident on I-95, as well as my friend.

Having this kind of organization is important so that change can occur. I'll be around whenever they need me.

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