The NCAA is so mad at Kentucky theyre going to give Cleveland State another year of probation.

— Jerry Tarkanian

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The secret is to have eight great players and four others who will cheer like crazy.


Yelling doesn't win ball games. It doesn't put any points on the scoreboard. And I don't think words win ball games all the time. Players do. Preparation does.


A lot of coaches want guys to be loose for games.

I never wanted them to be loose. I wanted their hands sweating, their knees shaking, their eyes bulging. I wanted them to act like we were going to war.


The more your players have to think on the basketball court, the slower their feet get.


I told them not to worry about it, since we were going to play indoors.


I'll watch the kids play, have a big steak with my friends, stay in a nice hotel, sign a lot of autographs, then go back to Vegas and tell my alumni how tough recruiting is.


During the scrimmage, Tarkanian paced the sideline with his hands in his pockets while biting his nails.


Coaching has been my entire life.

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