You are very familiar with Western ways, but you are too young. You go everywhere to follow the big news, but the questions you ask are too simple -- sometimes naive.

— Jiang Zemin

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It takes two hands to clap.


The Communist Party of China should represent the development trends of advanced productive forces, the orientations of an advanced culture and the fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of the people of China.


The theory of relativity worked out by Mr.

Einstein, which is in the domain of natural science, I believe can also be applied to the political field. Both democracy and human rights are relative concepts - and not absolute and general.


The Chinese government thinks China and the U.

S. should develop a constructive relationship of cooperation.


ASEM should build a new Silk Road to actively boost exchanges between these two civilizations in the new century so that countries in Asia and Europe will build on their respective civilizations and respect, learn from, complement and benefit each other.


The People's Liberation Army should play the role of shock troops, overcoming fatigue and sharpening vigilance to make new contributions.


Hong Kong compatriots will surely display great love for the motherland and for Hong Kong and take it as their utmost honor to maintain long-term prosperity and stability in Hong Kong and safeguard the fundamental interests of the country.


No department or locality may, or will be allowed to, interfere in the affairs which should be administered by [the SAR] on its own.


A convention on the comprehensive ban of nuclear weapons should be negotiated.

Since biological and chemical weapons have been prohibited, there is no reason why nuclear weapons, which are more destructive, should not be comprehensively banned and thoroughly destroyed. All it takes to reach this objective is strong political will.


Streamlining the army with Chinese characteristics is the right choice for China in military modernization.


History shows that anything conducive to our national stability is good.


It is not wise for Chinese to do things to artificially disrupt relations with the U.S.


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Naturally, in this period, there are also some ups and downs, and this is nothing strange.


Talk politics, talk about study and talk positively.


China will continue to support the efforts of the Palestinian people to regain their legitimate rights, including the establishment of an independent state.