Urbanization is not about simply increasing the number of urban residents or expanding the area of cities. More importantly, it's about a complete change from rural to urban style in terms of industry structure, employment, living environment and social security.

— Li Keqiang

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Smog is affecting larger parts of China, and environmental pollution has become a major problem, which is natures red-light warning against the model of inefficient and blind development.


Environmental pollution is a blight on people's quality of life and a trouble that weighs on their hearts.


No matter who you are or what you intend to do, you should not exceed the boundaries of the rule of law.


There are many countries in the world that when they reached the middle-income stage, they witnessed serious structural problems such as growth stagnation, a widening wealth gap and increasing social unrest.


Many people in the world believe that in the 21st century, the Asia-Pacific - Asia in particular - will play a more important role in global economy and politics and that Asia will become an important engine for the world economy.


Openness has been vital to Asia's fast growth in the past and it will continue to be crucial for the area's further development.


The market is the creator of social wealth and the wellspring of self-sustaining economic development.


China is committed to work with other countries for a solution to the global challenge of energy and resources.


The Chinese economy has huge potential and flexibility.


Changes call for innovation, and innovation leads to progress.


I was a student at Peking University for close to a decade, while a so-called 'knowledge explosion' was rapidly expanding. I was searching for not just knowledge, but also to mold a temperament, to cultivate a scholarly outlook.


Reforming is about curbing government power.

It is a self-imposed revolution; it will require real sacrifice, and it will be painful.


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Stable growth ensures employment.