Leave the past in the past, tomorrows not promised and Todays just a gift i guess thats why its the present

— Joe Budden

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I always call niggas fools for wanting to learn the hard way.

When I'm really the fool for tryna teach 'em. When the blinds leading the blind. You can't reach 'em. If niggas ain't as hungry as you then why feed 'em? Niggas ain't tryna be lead then why lead 'em? Having big problems with your dogs, why breed em?


I never cared, I was careless, Fear bein afraid or maybe I'm afraid to be fearless. Or fear bein' fearless but fearful, So even in my carelessness...gotta be careful.


Like I said, as long as I'm consistent and I try to put my best foot forward, and work as hard as I possibly can, everything else will fall into place - God'll take care of everything.


In this day and age, you gotta be a profiler to really know who people are, which most of us are not. So, we need time and life to start happening for people to really show their trust colors.


I could've never envisioned things goin' this way in a million years.

But, I'm a firm believer in my higher power havin' a plan, and he's never wrong, and he's not open to suggestions. I'm sure that everything [has] happened for a reason.


Destiny made a mistake and gave my fate to someone else.


Music kept me sane. I love music too much. I'm too passionate about music to let anything or anyone come in between me and my love.


Even at my lowest I was sittin on my high stool.


I'm a firm believer in my higher power havin' a plan, and he's never wrong, and he's not open to suggestions.


You want attention, you want support, you want to be treated properly, and I don't wanna have to go anywhere and teach people how to treat me.


It is a different world, the underground.

When you hit mainstream, you hit a saturation level and that turns some people off. When you are on more low-key stuff, it works to your advantage and it creates a buzz on the streets. At that point, the sky is the limit.


I get a lot of support from the West Coast.

But I think that's beginning to change. I think, as the awareness goes up, and as I continue to be consistent, more people from my area come around, and they're converted into Joe Budden fans.


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You take music out of life and love. I don't want to be on a planet without music.


I'm lookin' forward to doin' a lot of big things.

I've been doin' a lot of big things: a lot of traveling, a lot of recording - I'm excited.


It's hard - it's difficult to tell when your buzz is at its peak.


It's one of my short-term goals, to be able to actually record music and release it simultaneously and not just hold on to it.


I know that I'm kind of a big deal online, but I think that some of that is starting to seep into the streets, and you want to kind of continue to make sure it does that.


Up late talking to the fans on a website, That's the only thing that send ya man off to bed right


I'm a firm believer in everything going digital, in a matter of years.

I wanted to kind of be one of the pioneers, one of the people that jump on that bandwagon early.


I have some things that I've been workin' on, such as delivery, wordplay, breath control, just a lot of other things that artists work on, that the listener may not be listening for.


Joe Budden TV is life through the eyes of Joe Budden.

You've gotta go check it out - it's pretty fun.


Mixtapes are extremely important, especially for New York or North East artists.

They allow you to be creative, to get feedback and criticism, but most of all, it gets your name out there. I would say about 90-100% of my success was down to the mixtapes.


I would have had a clause in my contract;

I would've definitely put some fine print in my contract that said, "If the president leaves, I'm leaving." That'd be the bottom line.


I think the time in between albums, as much as it was not anticipated, it was much-needed, and very helpful, very useful. I've done nothing but hone my craft, and get better, and learn, and gather information in the process. So I'm grateful for it in retrospect.


If I were to go the major route, again, attention would probably be the first and foremost. You want attention, you want support, you want to be treated properly, and I don't wanna have to go anywhere and teach people how to treat me. As far as money, acclaim and fame, those things are a plus - accolades - they're all great.


I remember a day and time when the streets indicated what was hot online, and now I think it's starting to reverse a little bit.


Certain majors [lables] just know what they're doin', and got a good grip on the dynamic of what's happening, and some don't.


I think Def Jam happened to be one of the labels that really didn't have a good grip on things that were going on. I'll say that - that's my political answer.


I think, it's so difficult to create a buzz anywhere, whether it be online, the streets, radio, anywhere, that if you are able to create a buzz somewhere, it definitely means something.


Project X now, but it started as a Hunger Game.


And I'll never let myself down..How so? I don't expect too much from me.


I came up in battling and just wanting to compete.

Even if you had no real problem with someone, you just wanted to compete.


A few more albums, a few more years, I'll be like Peter Petrelli in Heroes.

I'll be some type of rap super-monster or something.


I tried to make the best music that I could possibly make, and then nothing was ever good enough.


You’ll never progress if you never try


I don't wanna join the Hair Club For Men or anything.


You don't need to be at a major, not at all.

Technology being the way it is, and record sales being the way it is, there are not too many things that you need to depend on a label for that you can't go out and do yourself.


God I hear you giving me an earfull but I'm gonna cruise in 5th gear until I'm near you.


I'm proud to say I'm the only Slaughterhouse member who has not rewritten a verse yet, and that's the ongoing joke in the group, 'cause everybody has rewrote their sh*t except for me.


If I'm trading bars with somebody, it certainly is not because I have a release coming. Joe Budden prides himself on the music and not the sales aspect.


They say I'm difficult, so to put it simply....tell the world I never cared it was against me


I read every fan forum and every blog, and every message board, and every chat room. I read it all. There's nothing online that I'm not aware of.


For Joe Budden fans, and for Joe Budden, I like to focus on the creative side, and havin' a thought and bein' able to execute it in the booth. I think that song best displays me being able to do that.


Where I'm at physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually usually dictates where my music goes.


When you're young and you're comin' up, and you dream of gettin' this record deal, and then you actually get it, and, you know, its apples and oranges from everything that you pictured. The line was pretty self-explanatory to me: once I got in my major label agreement, I definitely couldn't deal with it. It was drivin' me crazy, givin' me gray hairs at an early age.


Whatever you goin' through, could always be much worse, Don't make a mistake, mistakin' your blessings for a curse.


Don't ask for a cig' - I'm so self-centered, I won't even share this cancer.


Success to me is self-determined, the life I live today, to come from a kid strung out on angel dust, homeless, at some points sleeping in the street. No money, not knowing where the next meal was coming from. No sex, no relationships, people that didn't love me, didn't care about me, to where I am today... that's successful. When I signed my record deal I always wanted to be respected by my peers for my ability and my skill level.


Life is like a beach chair when you can afford one