As set forth by theologians, the idea of 'God' is an argument that assumes its own conclusions, and proves nothing.

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It is the lash of hunger which compels the poor man to submit.

In order to live he must sell - 'voluntarily' sell - himself every day and hour to the 'beast of property.'

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'God' - as revealed in his book of edicts and narratives is practically an idiot. He has nothing to say that any sensible person should want to listen to.

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About Johann Most

Name Johann Most
Quotes 3 quotations
Nationality German
Profession Revolutionary
Birthday February 5, 1846
About Johann Joseph "Hans" Most was a German-American anarchist politician, newspaper editor, and orator. He is credited with popularizing the concept of "Propaganda of the deed". His grandson was Boston Celtics radio play-by-play man Johnny Most.
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