When things are going awry, it's time to put the blinders on and do your job. Just do your job. Don't worry about the other guy, don't worry about the wins and losses, just worry about what the very next play is.

— John Riggins

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Pro Football Hall of Famer is something that everyone recognizes as the pinnacle of any achievement in sport. All the fame and all the recognition that we single out in various industries, the Pro Football Hall of Fame is really special.


Come on Sandy, baby, loosen up, your too tight.


I had been with a good friend, had a few beers, didn't bother to eat, went down to the hotel where the party was, walked in and, God I don't know why, because I hardly ever drink it, I had a double scotch. And I had another.


Professional football is a job and it's in the entertainment business.


I'm broke, I'm bored and I'm back.


I realized in that moment that physically speaking my talents were well beyond Joe [Namath’s] talents. So then I realized, ‘What am I doing here? This doesn’t make sense because it’s always going to be about Joe.’


Today, professional football is about profit and making money.

But it's not about how much money you spend, it's about how wisely you spend it.


Football was never my life. The guys [and] the relationships were my life. I have an ability to relate to damn near everybody.

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