I'm a big fan of the Adidas three-stripe old-school zip-up tracksuit tops. I've got several for everyday wear, including an olive-green one, a burgundy one and a cream one with leather arms.

— Jonas Armstrong

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Jewellery's not a big thing for me. The only thing I wear is a gold cross on a chain that I got for my 21st birthday. You have to take it off every day for filming, but that's the only time I'm not wearing it. You won't find me in rings, bracelets or earrings.


Robin Hood is often seen as the hands-on-hips, archetypal, tally-ho hero.

But, realistically, the one calling the shots wouldn't be at the front shouting about it. He'd be the one you don't expect.


If I don't go to the gym and work out, I look like a bag of bones.

I go three times a week usually and it's nearly all weights work to help with definition.


When I was 14, I almost had a big green leprechaun tattooed on my forearm.

Thank God I didn't - it would have been a nightmare to cover up as an actor. I went with a group of mates and, being Irish, thought a leprechaun would be perfect.


Its flattering that there are lots of Internet fan sites about me.

Im a bit of a technophobe and I dont even own a laptop, but its probably a good thing Im not logged on, checking up on what everyone is saying about me.


All my friends were choosing university courses, but I had no interest in anything other than acting, so I applied to go to RADA.


I can't remember what Michael Praed looks like. I'm too young!