I'm so grateful. I worked on some really quality projects as a kid and I was really lucky for the opportunities I got.

— Jonathan Lipnicki

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I've heard when girls meet 'N Sync and the Backstreet Boys, they throw up on them and faint. I wouldn't want to get thrown up on.


If you want to perform at your ultimate best, if you want to be the best you can be in sports and in school, mentally, physically - chiropractic is the way, because everything has to do with your nervous system.


I feel like a lot of times when you get signed to an agent they just send you everywhere, so I still audition for a lot for voiceover stuff. I actually don't book a lot of it, and I love doing it so I get disappointed because I want to do more voice stuff.


Sometimes you just gotta get in front of the camera because sometimes you have a long break between things, or you're auditioning and maybe nothing's really happening.


It's inspiring just to work on something and just kind of keep the creative juices flowing.


I would by no means call myself an expert or say that I'm extremely into superhero movies, but I've pretty much seen every Avengers movie and Iron Man, so I'd say a good amount.


I remember getting a Phoenix Suns T-shirt.

I had that Phoenix Suns T-shirt forever. It's the funny things you remember as a kid, but it was a blast.