Worship is love responding to love.

— Judson Cornwall

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There are entire congregations who worship praise and praise worship but who have not yet learned to praise and worship God in Jesus Christ.


It is not the bowing, the dancing, the clapping and the singing that produce the worship, for at best they can only express that worship, but it is the worship that produces the jubilant responses.


Whenever the method of Worship Becomes more Important than the Person of Worship, We have already prostituted Our Worship.


Worship helps us find who we are and why God has placed us here on the earth.

When we bow in God's presence with worship, only then are we made complete.


'To worship or not to worship' has never been the question for all of God's created beings are inherently worshipers...it is more consistently a question of who we will worship.


We may restrict the expression of worship for a season, just as we may briefly hold our breath, but there is an inward craving for worship that cannot be permanently stilled


God within us is communicating with God above us, and we know that this communication is pure and powerful.


God, the object of our worship, also becomes the inspiration of that worship.

He has imparted His own Spirit into our hearts to energize that worship. All that is due Him comes from Him.


Worship is an attitude expressed

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