When we are angry or depressed in our creativity, we have misplaced our power. We have allowed someone else to determine our worth, and then we are angry at being undervalued.

— Julia Margaret Cameron

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When I have had such men before my camera my whole soul has endeavored to do its duty towards them in recording faithfully the greatness of the inner as well as the features of the outer man. The photograph thus taken has been almost the embodiment of a prayer.


Growth is a spiral process, doubling back on itself, reassessing and regrouping.


From the first moment I handled my lens with a tender ardour, and it has become to me as a living thing, with voice and memory and creative vigour.


Leap, and the net will appear.


My aspirations are to ennoble Photography and to secure for it the character and uses of High Art by combining the real and Ideal and sacrificing nothing of the Truth by all possible devotion to Poetry and beauty.


I believe that... my first successes in my out-of-focus pictures were a fluke. That is to say, that when focusing and coming to something which, to my eye, was very beautiful, I stopped there instead of screwing on the lens to the more definite focus which all other photographers insist upon.


The clock is ticking and you're hearing the beat.

You stop by a museum shop, sign your name on a scuba-diving sheet, and commit yourself to Saturday mornings in the deep end. You're either losing your mind - or gaining your soul. Life is meant to be an artist date. That's why we were created.


I longed to arrest all beauty that came before me, and at length the longing has been satisfied.


From the first moment I handled my lens with a tender ardour.


Beauty, you're under arrest. I have a camera, and I'm not afraid to use it.


When an actor is in the moment, he or she is engaged in listening for the next right thing creatively. When a painter is painting, he or she may begin with a plan, but that plan is soon surrendered to the painting's own plan. This is often expressed as 'The brush takes the next stroke.' In dance, in composition, in sculpture, the experience is the same: we are more the conduit than the creator of what we express


The capacity for delight is the gift of paying attention.


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What is focus and who has the right to say what focus is the legitimate focus?