We all like to think that if we were the victims of domestic abuse we'd up and leave - but it's not always as easy or straightforward as that. Women stay with abusive partners for all kinds of reasons - they love them, they fear them, they have children with them, they believe they can change them or they simply have no where else to go.

— Kate Thornton

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Women trapped in violent relationships need to know that there's no shame in talking out and walking out on their abusive partners.


My mum was a dinner lady and a cleaner while dad worked night shifts as a hydraulic engineer. They did not have a lot of spare cash and only ever bought what they could afford. We never had a car and cycled everywhere. We never went to restaurants. I did not know what Chinese food tasted like until I was 15.


I spend hundreds of pounds a year on candles and it is such a waste of money.

It is burning cash whatever way you look at it but I love them.


I now consider the money I put into my pension to have been a mistake.


I never got into debt because my parents had drummed into me at a young age: if you can't afford it, you can't have it.


My number one financial priority is security.

Not having to worry about how I am going to meet the bills and not owing anybody anything. I keep my outgoings as low as possible and save as much as I can.


At 16, I got a part-time job selling double-glazing door to door.

That was soul destroying but the worst part-time job I did was at university working on reception in a sexually transmitted disease clinic. Because no one else wanted to do it, they paid £8 an hour.


I am really excited about Battle of the Stars, the line-up looks fantastic.

I've no doubt that despite their fame my hand holding will still be in high demand as they take on the judges often harsh words. Lets just hope I'm not having to mop up too many tears!


I do not think anyone should feel pressured into doing it but I am the sucker who will stop on the street and sign up to direct debits.


The most lucrative work I have done is presenting primetime TV shows.

I do not know what other people earn but a six-figure salary is not uncommon.


I have a fall-back fund for the quiet months.

I am a single working parent and it gets lonely when things are insecure.


I think it is outrageous - to lock people's money away and change the rules on them. So, on point of principle, I stopped putting money into my pension.


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I just do not understand the stock market. It is like reading Russian.


There are times when I feel over-rewarded for what I do for a living, especially when I compare what I can earn to what my brother earns as a firefighter.


My business was born out of my frustration with other cashback schemes.

I wanted a more curated service than the other sites offer.