I went out on my own, years ago, to try to create some additional choices in a parallel universe.

— Kellyanne Conway

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People already think the entire system is rigged against Donald Trump, and they're right, meaning, the corrupt, rigged system. The elections every four years are just part of that to them. They feel like they can't get a fair shake. It is the essence of the Donald Trump candidacy.


I want to talk about things that are quantifiable, not a bunch of metro riders and crowd sizes.


When I see Twitter feeds, when I see words that are people are using to describe Donald Trump, it is incredibly disrespectful to the office.


Nearly two and a half million people die every year that are on the voter rolls.

So it takes time to get dead people off the voter rolls.


I don't think that we need to see [Donald Trump] tax returns to verify his financial acumen. I walk into the Trump Tower every day and I'm like, this guy did pretty well for himself before I got here.


I want to have a great open relationship with our press.


Barack Obama's been president for about eight hours;

President Obama was here for eight years. So if you want to talk about numbers that matter, it's quantifying all the losses - the women who were slid into poverty, those who can't find meaningful work, and their children who deserve a better life.


I believe that Donald Trump is someone who is not fully understood for how compassionate and what a great boss he is to women.


Mothers and unmarried women and married women, they're all welcomed in the Trump White House, and he's made that very clear to me.


Donald Trump is going to work on infrastructure, building the wall. He's going to farm leaders.


I think when somebody seeks mercy and forgiveness and means it, and I was with [Donald Trump] the entire time, including when he learned about this, people ought to think about that. They ought to think about when somebody asks you for forgiveness contrite and for mercy - are you willing to give it?


It's a shame that people are resisting vetting programs that would actually just keep out those who want to do us harm.


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How many more people have to die or be afraid or be injured in Chelsea, New York, Erin, for us to wake up?


We will hear more details on [Donald] Trump`s plans on addressing illegal immigration in the speech tonight, including what Trump plans to do about those 11 million illegal immigrants already in the U.S.


Energy is in America. And if we can tap into that safely and appropriately, I guarantee that is something that President Trump will certainly look into in a very serious way.


Donald Trump is happiest when he's with his family and that's his - that - that really is a happy place for him to be with his family. And so he's very generous, very kind, funny, compassionate.


I think the most important thing for all of us to realize is you have to make the decision and be comfortable with it. And every woman should be respected for making her own choice.


People should really think about when they see President Donald Trump, they should think about all the places that he was and could be. All the things he could be doing. The political motivators for many typical politicians of which he's not one, Mercy, money, power, prestige, fame, he had all of that.


Donald Trump is not talking about a deportation force. But he`s talking about being fair and humane.


I believe in a free and open press; people have to cover the presidency, respect the office and its current occupant. And we need it to be a two-way street.


Donald Trump also will repeal all these executive amnesty orders that President Obama has put into place.


Donald Trump is not a jerk. He's a friend of ours.


Every great movement and which the conservative movement is, of course, every great movement ends up being a little bit sclerotic and dusty after a time and I think they need new fusion of energy.


Immigration security is national security.


What's a major concern that people, major grievance Americans lodge? It's, we don't make anything in America anymore.


We welcome all republican endorsements, no question.

We'd be happy to have that. We'd be happy to have more fair treatment in the media. But I'm not going to find unicorns on my doorstep tomorrow either.


I work very closely with Steve Bannon.

Frankly, people should look at the full resume. He`s got a Harvard Business degree, a naval officer. He has success in entertainment. I don`t know if you`re aware of that. And he certainly was a Goldman Sachs manager and partner. Brilliant tactician.


Democratic Party is a party that's just out of touch with who the electorate is and who Americans are.


[Donald Trump] does have a thick skin, frankly, as someone who works very closely within, that was in that room today, directly beside him. I will say this though. That's not what the meeting was about.


How exactly did [Republicans] win? I'd like to know.

Because I sacrificed the last four months of my life to do it, excuse me, and we did it. And we did it by looking at the schedule and looking at, yes, the electoral map of 270 because that's how you win the presidency.


Our executive branch does not believe in interfering with what the legislative branch chooses to do. We believe in federalism.


We unified, we looked past and we're impervious to the constant criticism of naysayer.


Donald Trump among wishy-washy people, who decide one day they want him, and they want his endorsement, they support him, and the next day they don't. It's much better for him to take the message directly to the people.


It is completely irresponsible, if not worse, for members of the media to be calling our press secretary a liar and worse. On Twitter and Facebook and elsewhere. And in articles. That is not the way to start relationships with the press.


Foundations exist to help charities, to help those in need.

And Mr. Trump has been incredibly generous throughout his career.


I don't think ultimately presidents are judged by crowd sizes at their inauguration. I think they're judged by their accomplishments.


I was raised to be a very strong and independent woman without anybody ever saying the word feminist or having any political conversation.


We can't allow ourselves to become inured to terrorist attacks to see it as the new normal.


Hillary Clinton's not seen as empathetic and compassionate.


You are going to hear many things from Mr.

Trump today in his speech on immigration. One, no amnesty. He is absolutely going to build that wall. That`s been the center piece of his campaign from day one.


I'm saying that I believe Paula Jones, is what i'm saying.

And I believe that that $14,000 a year Arkansas State employee being brought up to the governor's hotel room and him exposing herself as all the evidence said.


I think people are looking for an alternative because in addition to there being sort of a myopic, lemming - like ants on a sugar cube mentality on this DNS attack story by many in the media, there's just this culture of sameness. Everybody sounds the same.


Anchors like Megyn Kelly are incredibly powerful in terms of distilling the information and reporting the news and maybe some opinion to the public in a fair handed and complete way.


You don't want to hear that there are over 60 million women in poverty on President [Barack] Obama's watch. And Hillary Clinton who has been fighting for women and children for 30 years. Where is the deliverable. Where is the product? Hillary Clinton has been fighting for herself for 30 years.


You had a majority of Americans saying that [Donald Trump] would take the country in the right direction or I think he would make real change, real change.


I don't think CNN is 'fake news.' I think there are some reports everywhere, in print, on TV, on radio, in conversation, that are not well-researched and are sometimes based on falsehoods.


Mitt Romney and John McCain and Donald Trump are very different candidates.

This is the disruptive candidate who gets these huge crowds, is building momentum in last weeks of compaign. That was not true of the other two races.


I went home every night to New Jersey - or most nights - and to help with the six-grade math homework or to make breakfast in the morning, just to make sure that that was there. When I was single and didn't have children, I used to laugh at this notion of quality time.


I'm deciding where I am best for this president-elect [Donald Trump] and this vice president-elect [Mike Pence] in due course. But there are many qualified men and women who can serve him at the highest levels.