Growing up in a small Alaska town, domestic violence was that dirty little secret nobody talked about. We must start talking about it. For too long, we have been providing protection to the wrong people.

— Lisa Murkowski

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Planning is the essence of good management and when it comes to health care we must allow states to plan for future needs. We need to cement this federal commitment to Alaskans so the state has the assurance that money vital for providing Medicaid health care will not just dry up and disappear.


I'm excited about what I have to offer.

Not only a little bit of youth, but a different perspective as a woman.


There are many outsiders that actively try to halt every natural resource development project in Alaska. Many of these same people have never even been to Alaska, yet they claim to know what's best for us.


I do believe that our climate is changing.

I don't agree that all the changes are necessarily due solely to human activity.


I have never once asked Alaskans to like how I got this job.


The war against terrorism is one we must win.


Freedom comes from strength and self-reliance.


We need to face it, as a nation we have a reliance on petroleum.


Mitt Romney understands the importance of Alaska as a leader in our country's energy production and I look forward to working with him on such an important economic and national security matter.

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