A cat determined not to be found can fold itself up like a pocket handkerchief if it wants to.

— Louis J. Camuti

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Never believe that animals suffer less than humans.

Pain is the same for them that it is for us. Even worse, because they cannot help themselves.


Love of animals is a universal impulse, a common ground on which all of us may meet. By loving and understanding animals, perhaps we humans shall come to understand each other.


There is something about the presence of a cat... that seems to take the bite out of being alone.


Work - other people's work - is an intolerable idea to a cat.

Can you picture cats herding sheep or agreeing to pull a cart? They will not inconvenience themselves to the slightest degree.


Never ask a hungry cat whether he loves you for yourself alone.


With dogs and people, it's love in big splashy colours.

When you're involved with a cat, you're dealing in pastels.


In my experience, cats and beds seem to be a natural combination.

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