The purpose of art is to console and amuse—myself, and, I hope, others.

— Ludwig Bemelmans

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Caviar is to dining what a sable coat is to a girl in evening dress.


To be a gourmet you must start early, as you must begin riding early to be a good horseman. You must live in France, your father must have been a gourmet. Nothing in life must interest you but your stomach.


For gypsies do not like to stay - They only come to go away.


In an old house in Paris that was covered with vines 74 lived twelve little girls in two straight lines.


America is a land of healthy appetites.

It is not in the American character to live in order to eat. Rather, the reverse is true. Many try, but just as Americans don't make good gigolos, nether do they make good gourmets.


The true gourmet, like the true artist, is one of the unhappiest creatures existent. His trouble comes from so seldom finding what he constantly seeks: perfection.


I don't keep any copy of my books around.

.. they would embarass me. When I finish writing my books, I kick them in the belly, and have done with them.


Only one who has known how troubled life can be, has a real appreciation of it when it is good


It's always wonderful when something altogether wrong ends right, without the help of either religion or the police.