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  1. My workspace is defined by books, ephemera, quiet and light. I don't have a computer, telephone or a fax machine there.
  2. What protects you in this world from sadness and from the loss of an ability to do something? ... Work and love.
  3. Everyone I know is looking for solace, hope and a tasty snack.
  4. A visit to a museum is a search for beauty, truth, and meaning in our lives. Go to museums as often as you can.
  5. if something does go wrong, here is my advice... KEEP CALM and CARRY ON.
  6. In any work you do, you can be profound one minute, and then you be superficial the next, and you can be smart and insightful and then insipid. There can be room for all that.
  7. Washing dishes is the anecdote to confusion. I know that for a fact.
  8. On my desk, I always have a lemon or a lime drying. I love the fragrance. Also, a Staedtler eraser, a brush for the eraser and a pencil sharpener.
  9. I happen to be alive, end of discussion.
  10. I live in a small world of gouache and brush and pen and ink. I'd like to explore the world of multiples - etching and prints.

Maira Kalman Short Quotes

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  • My short attention span has allowed me a life of diversity in work and place.
  • Every Monday morning is new hope.
  • I have many questions, but no patience to think them through.
  • Wonderful things happen when your brain is empty.
  • I like the brooding man - a brooding man with a sense of humor.
  • I said, 'Well, how much space do I have?' And they said, 'Well, you know, it's the Internet.'
  • The book. Calming object. Held in the hand.
  • Go out and walk. That is the glory of life.

Maira Kalman Famous Quotes And Sayings

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I tell you these stories because these things happen to everyone. It's not about being starched or polished or cute or polite. It's about having ears that stick out, about breaking yet another glass. It's about seeing something for the first time and making a million mistakes and not ever getting completely discouraged. — Maira Kalman

My dream is to walk around the world. A smallish backpack, all essentials neatly in place. A camera. A notebook. A traveling paint set. A hat. Good shoes. A nice pleated (green?) skirt for the occasional seaside hotel afternoon dance. — Maira Kalman

Soon enough it will be me struggling (valiantly?) to walk - lugging my stuff around. How are we all so brave as to take step after step? Day after day? How are we so optimistic, so careful not to trip and yet do trip, and then get up and say O.K. Why do I feel so sorry for everyone and so proud? — Maira Kalman

The most inspiring objects are books. I have about 5,000 volumes in my home library. It's an unending source of visuals and ideas. — Maira Kalman

How do we actually know that these sentences coming out of our mouths are real stories, are real sentences? — Maira Kalman

The tears are invisible. I'm in a complete state of panic before I begin something because I'm sure that it's going to be a complete disaster. I'm going to do a worse job than anybody could ever imagine anybody doing on the planet earth. — Maira Kalman

I don't like plots. I don't know what a plot means. I can't stand the idea of anything that starts in the beginning - you know, 'beginning, middle and end.' — Maira Kalman

Flowers lead to books, which lead to thinking and not thinking and then more flowers and music, music. Then many more flowers and many more books. — Maira Kalman

Michael Pollan is a champion. In all ways. A man of great integrity, humor, and common sense and kindness. — Maira Kalman

It's almost impossible to reconcile the realities of how one feels during the day, hour by hour. But I approach things not cynically. — Maira Kalman

I still do have the little lunch bag that my mother made out of a towel and embroidered with my name on it for when I went to kindergarten. — Maira Kalman

You'd have to be completely crazy not to be influenced by and take from other artists. It's completely impossible not to. — Maira Kalman

I like Thomas Jefferson, though he intimidated me. I thought he would have been very tough to be around. I don't know if he had such a sense of humor. — Maira Kalman

My sister is an artist and an interior designer. She went to high school for art. I went to high school for music. — Maira Kalman

Life Lessons by Maira Kalman

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  1. Maira Kalman's illustrations are full of color and life, reminding us to see the beauty and joy in the world around us.
  2. Her work encourages us to be creative and to explore our own unique perspectives.
  3. Kalman's art also reminds us to be mindful of our actions and to appreciate the small moments in life.

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