I am making an Enlightenment Capsule for the audience to meditate inside - virtual reality in which people can experience ancient ideas from the East... But I'm not interested in using ancient things; rather I want to connect them with contemporary life through the technology we have now.

— Mariko Mori

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We've fallen into a fin-de-siecle period of crisis in which people believe only the things they see right in front of them


I must create the world in order to breathe in the world; I don't exist unless I create.


I am interested in circulating past iconography in the present in order to get to the future.


... my father loved to take photographs of me. When I was nine I made my own costumes for a school play and I experienced becoming different characters. I loved to document myself as different images and I think my work evolved after this favorite activity. The photographs I exhibited in New York juxtaposed reality and fantasy. There was everyday life and fantasy was dismantling that reality.