If you seek answers you won't find them, but if you seek God, the answers will find you.

— Mark Batterson

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There comes a moment when you must quit talking to God about the mountain in your life and start talking to the mountain about your God. You proclaim His power. You declare His sovereignty. You affirm His faithfulness. You stand on His Word. You cling to His promises.


You'll never be a perfect parent, but you can be a praying parent.

Prayer is your highest privilege as a parent. ...Prayer turns ordinary parents into prophets who shape the destinies of their children, grandchildren, and every generation that follows. ...Your prayers for your children are the greatest legacy you can leave.


Go after a dream that is destined to fail without divine intervention.


If you aren't hungry for God, you are full of yourself.


Worship is forgetting about what's wrong with you and remembering what's right with God.


To me, growing into spiritual maturity is becoming less self-conscious and more God-conscious.


When God blesses you financially, don't raise your STANDARD OF LIVING.



Look in the rearview mirror long enough & you'll see that God has purposely positioned you everywhere you've been-even when it seemed you'd taken a wrong turn.


Prayer is the difference between seeing with our physical eyes and seeing with our spiritual eyes.


Faith is unlearning this senseless worries and misguided beliefs that keep us captive. It is far more complex than simply modifying behavior. Faith is rewiring the human brain. We are literally upgrading our minds by downloading the mind of Christ.


The circumstances we ask God to CHANGE are often the circumstances God is using to CHANGE US.


Vision beyond your resources? Don't let fear dictate your decisions.

If your vision is God-given, it will most definitely be beyond your ability and beyond your resources. The God who gives the vision is the same God who makes provision.


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If you're bored, one thing is for sure: You're not following in the footsteps of Christ.


Prayer is the difference between the best we can do and the best God can do.


Sometimes God leads us to a place where we have nowhere to turn but to Him;

our only option is to trust Him.


Each prayer is like a seed that gets planted in the ground.

It disappears for a season, but it eventually bears fruit that blesses future generations. In fact, our prayers bear fruit forever.


If you want God to do something new in you, you cannot keep doing the same old thing. You have to do something different. And if you do, God will create new capacities within you. There will be new gifts and new revelations. But you've got to pray the price. You'll get out of this what you put into it.


I have an unshakable sense of destiny because I know that as long as I pursue God's calling on my life, then God is ultimately responsible for getting me where He wants me to go.


May you keep dreaming until the day you die.

May imagination overtake memory. May you die young at a ripe old age.


One of our fundamental spiritual problems is this: we want God to do something new while we keep doing the same old thing.


If you've never had a God-sized dream that scared you half to death, then you haven't really come to life. If you've never been overwhelmed by the impossibility of your plans, then your God is too small. If your vision isn't perplexingly impossible, then you need to expand the radiuses of your prayer circles.


It is absolutely imperative at the outset that you come to terms with this simple yet life-changing truth: God is for you. If you don't believe that, then you'll pray small timid prayers; if you do believe it, then you'll pray big audacious prayers.


As I look back on my own life, I recognize this simple truth: The greatest opportunities were the scariest lions. Part of me has wanted to play it safe, but I’ve learned that taking no risks is the greatest risk of all.


Jesus didn't die to make us safe. He died to make us dangerous! Faithfulness isn't holding the fort. It's storming the gates of hell with the light and love of Jesus Christ.


You need to circle the goals God wants you to go after, the promises God wants you to claim, and the dreams God wants you to pursue. And once you spell Jericho, you need to circle it in prayer. Then you need to keep circling until the walls come tumbling down.


I think faith is the small mustard seed of opportunities every day.

For example, 'Am I going to love this person? Am I going to share my faith with this person? Am I going to pray that little prayer?' It really is a daily thing where you seize those little mustard seed opportunities and then see what God does.


Our Heavenly Father is far too wise and loves us far too much to give us everything we ask for.


If you wait for perfect conditions to seize an opportunity, you'll be waiting till the day you die.


The primary reason we lose faith is because we forget the faithfulness of God.

Maybe that's why the word 'remember' is repeated 250 times in Scripture.


You'll never be a perfect parent, but you can be a praying parent.


One of the truest tests of spiritual maturity is seeing the miraculous in the monotonous.


Jesus didn't die to make us safe. He died to make us dangerous.


God blesses us more so that we can be more of a blessing to others.


SUCCESS is not about HERE and NOW. you must pass the TEST OF TIME. the litmus test is FIFTY YEARS from now. SUCCESS is SUCCESSION.


One way to show someone you love them is to simply go out of your way for them.

It's the gift of inconvenience.


Most God-ordained dreams die because we are not willing to do something that seems illogical


One God idea is worth more than a thousand good ideas.


The key to getting out of the boat is hearing the voice of God.


Praying through is all about CONSISTENCY and INTENSITY.

It's 'all-nighter' prayer. It just won't take 'NO' for an answer!


God doesn't call the qualified, He qualifies the called.


Over the years I've grown more comfortable with making people uncomfortable because that is when growth can happen. You need a little conflict. You need a little tension. And that is part of my calling. A little tough love goes a long way!


Nine times out of 10, criticism is a defense mechanism.

We criticize in others what we don't like in ourselves.


New media is like a megaphone. It amplifies your ability to reach more people.


Even our hardest prayers are easy for the Omnipotent One to answer because there is no degree of difficulty.


The plans of God are only revealed in the presence of God.


If the kingdom of God had departments, we’d want to work in research and development. We felt like Jesus didn’t hang out at the synagogue, he hung out at wells. Coffeehouses are postmodern wells. Let’s not wait for people to come to us, let’s go to them.


Faith is not logical. But it isn't illogical either. Faith is theological. It does not ignore reality; it just adds God into the equation.


God is in the business of strategically positioning us in the right place at the right time. A sense of destiny is our birthright as followers of Christ. God is awfully good at getting us where He wants us to go. But here’s the catch: The right place often seems like the wrong place, and the right time often seems like the wrong time.


Nolan Bushnell, the creator of the Atari video game system, once stated, ‘Everyone who’s ever taken a shower has had an idea, It’s the person who gets out of the shower, dries off, and does something about it who makes a difference.