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You can't keep a squirrel on the ground.

— Mary Lasswell

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Children of yesterday, / Heirs of to-morrow, / What are you weaving? / Labor and sorrow? / Look to your looms again. / Faster and faster / Fly the great shuttles / Prepared by the Master, / Life's in the loom, / Room for it - / Room!

Mary Lasswell

I feel so small I could sit on a dime an' my legs wouldn't even hang over.

Mary Lasswell

I began to understand that all Texas is an eternal synthesis of past and present, superimposed one upon the other. It produces a feeling of being in two places at once.

Mary Lasswell

Oughta be a law everybody has to take a trip every two years just to make 'em realize how good home is.

Mary Lasswell

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Mary Lasswell is a Author
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Born February 8, 1905
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