My parents, and especially my mother, always made films in a very artisanal kind of way. Her office was at home. She was always filming low budget stuff and including her family inside. It was more a way of life. I related to that from the beginning.

— Mathieu Demy

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Being the director is really something.

It's a statement of something and you have to stand up for that. Okay, this is what I see. This is how I see the world. This is how I see cinema. And you have to be able to talk about that and explain it and be responsible.


It's pointless to go against digital because sooner or later you won't be able to do anything else.


When you're an actor, you're very much exposed, but in a strange way you're totally protected behind a character, behind a script, behind a director.


In music, we can still record analog and then do the post production in digital.

In film, sooner or later, we're not even going to be able to film because they won't be able to process. The labs won't exist anymore. You'll just have to do it with digital.


I had my little teenage craziness where I wanted to be a doctor, I admit.

I have to confess at one point I considered even going to school. Hopefully, I went back on the right track being an artist.

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