Take criticism, smash it into dust. Add color and use it to paint breathtaking images of unicorns frolicking through endless fields of greatness.

— Matthew Gray Gubler

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I think it's perfectly acceptable and rather admirable to be moderately delusional


If you're lucky enough to find a weird - never let them go.


I've seen so many beautiful curvy women gain success in hollywood and then wither into bobble headed stick figures in some grotesque attempt to fit a revolting hollywood trend. I like real women, not the broomsticks that Hollywood has been selling lately.


At my sexiest, I look like an androgenous Muppet.


I'm usually pretty lame when it comes to physical activity, but I'm like a Jedi on the badminton court. It's as if my body was built specifically for it - tall and lanky, with wrists like mousetraps.


I once gave a girl a bloody fake ear in a Tiffany jewelry box with a letter that said, “will you Gogh to prom with me?


My heroes have always been the hardworking and unflappable.

Those who light a candle rather than curse the darkness.


My favorite time of year is October, Halloween is my favorite holiday, and I know that watching horror movies was such a special thing to me as a child and my only dream is that I get to make it feel like Halloween all year round for other kids, for other weirdos like me.


I guess I'm just in the flow and riding the wave.


I really cite Walt Disney as teaching me everything I know.

It sounds crazy, but I'm serious! In 'Bambi,' the mother dies, but you don't see the corpse. You see the father, the stag, come up and you see 'Bambi' alone, and that has so much more impact than seeing a mutilated deer.


I love polite people, late September, weeping mortar, and my fantastic fands (fans/friends)


I was horrified of the dark. I realized that the only way I could get over that fear was by scaring other people, so I became obsessed with ghost stories, drawing monsters, watching monster movies, sneaking into horror movies, and it's just been the love of my life forever.


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Cargo pants freak me out. Too many pockets. I always forget where my wallet is.


I just love entertaining. I will do anything - stand-up comedy, video games, fencing, internet shorts - I just want to keep being lucky enough to entertain people anyway I can. I try never to limit my art to a medium.


I've taken magic lessons since I was five-years-old.

When I was little I would wear a top hat and cape, and I'd get relentlessly beat up by jocks. That's why I don't care for sports.


I found out that smoking is the leading cause of statistics.


I was wearing women's jeans way before it was cool for guys to wear them.

I have a weird torso - it's incredibly short, and only girl-pants fit me properly.


I've always been a horror fan! Ever since I can vastly remember, and I think it's because I was so terrified of monsters and ghosts as a kid that I had to sleep in front of my parents room until I was 12.


I looked like a 'Super Mario Bros.' Goomba. It's arguably the ugliest haircut on the planet.


If you just do a Google search and type in 'smoking' or 'lung cancer', you will be barraged with never ending facts and numbers, like how one in every three Americans is affected by lung disease and how COPD is the third leading cause of death and if you get lung cancer the odds are 95% that you will die.


My parents instilled a very strong work ethic in me from a young age, fortunately.


I get really sad when people say, 'I'm no good.

I haven't been cast in a pilot.' It doesn't mean you're not good; it just means someone hasn't seen you yet. It doesn't mean that in real life you're not the greatest actor.


I'm beyond proud and happy - I never imagined I would have one fan, and there seems to be a few. I just couldn't be happier that people seem to like what I'm doing and seem to respond to it. If they weren't there, I don't know what I'd be doing right now.


I look a little like Beaker. I think I'm a cross between Beaker and The Count. My hair looks like Oscar the Grouch. It's Muppety hair.


What I like most about directing is creating a world more so than anything.

To me, the music is the wrapping paper on that world.


I've had this unbelievable amount of good fortune and I'm just so thankful for it. But at the same time I feel exceptionally guilty. I have so many friends who are talented graduates of Juilliard and are exceptional actors and I'm the lucky one that somehow got such a fortunate break.


I never thought I'd be making a living off of acting - it's still kind of a shock for my family and friends to see my face on TV every Wednesday night.


I think I veered towards filmmaking because there's more of a sense of control in it. You're not waiting to be picked. That said, in film school I acted in probably 6,000 student films because no other filmmakers knew anyone who wanted to act. It was all a big beautiful snake eating its tail, progressing along the way.


France has given us the best filmmakers and food.


I would love to be on 'Curb Your Enthusiasm.

' I'd love to be on that. A lot of my favorite shows get canceled really early on. I liked 'Twin Peaks.' If I had a time machine I'd be in that.


A fantastic actor in a scene that's just closed off will be good.

But when working with a director who knows little tricks - correct music, slowly pushing in - that stunning performance will somehow become even better. I've always seen it as a symbiotic relationship.


My best advice to actors is if you love acting, do it every chance you get.

Success does not mean success. All that matters is whether or not you're doing your best to entertain. The way this business works is all about luck and timing.


It'd be cool to chipmunk-ize "The Virgin Suicides" soundtrack.

All this ethereal French music, I think that would be unique to listen to.


I'm obsessed with coffee. My doctor says if I don't cut back, I am going to permanently damage my esophagus. No joke.


My dream is to make the world's scariest PG movie.

Because I feel that if you can do that, then you've done something special.


I've always had the utmost respect and awe of what the lens can do and what a director can do with just a camera move.


I've always been a fan of Andy Kaufman.


I studied directing prior to acting and I've done music videos and documentaries and things that were sort of well-received.


I live in my own bubble. I'm in Gublerland.


When I'm directing I'm working from 100% of my brain, but when I'm acting I'm working from my heart.