I love the idea of relationships as being the ultimate team - someone you share everything with, who completely and utterly backs you, and whom you give to completely unselfishly. It's easier said than done, but we all need something to aspire to.

— Matthew Hussey

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Remember, the pain of rejection is nothing compared to the pain of regret.


Human beings are social animals and nearly all of us are driven by the need to be loved and the desire to successfully sustain meaningful romantic relationships for life.


Many men I come across see women in an antagonistic way, and it's always the basis for a bad relationship. What I mean by that is men who come with pre-conceived notions that women are trying to tie them down, or hold them back, or that women are shallow, or that women are only attracted to money, or whatever it is.


There is a lot of stigma and snobbiness about the self-help genre, and I can't vouch for everything out there, but for me, the idea of giving someone else the gift of inspiration and making them feel passionate and capable in an area of their life is the most incredible thing in the world.


In a relationship, it's so important that a man knows how much you physically desire him. When he wears that shirt that makes him look sexy, tell him he's sexy! If he wears a cologne you like, say "I can't resist that smell on you".


Men are often miserable in relationships because they feel their partner takes them for granted, or shows him no appreciation for the things he gets right.


The one thing I can't get enough of is boxing.

I love sparring in the ring or just doing the training, and it's easily one of the most effective ways of keeping off fat.


In this new era of social media the rules of the road have changed significantly, yet the basic yearning for true connectivity and love have not.


Like everything else I teach in my coaching, staying in shape for me is about the little actions and changes in lifestyle that have a huge effect over time.


I get some female attention from fans, but mostly it's people asking for advice about a situation with their ex or their boyfriend, so it's not all love letters and fan mail!


Almost every person wonders who their soul mate will be or where they will find them and everyone has or will suffer a love loss or the fear of that loss at different points in their lives.


Exercise is an absolute must. Period. That doesn't mean I'm a gym junkie - it just means that I have to get a few days doing something physical a week, even just for my mental sanity.


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I've never done a trendy diet or subscribed to a fashionable health fad in my life.


The men who are the most attractive and well-adjusted people I know absolutely love women, and understand how to focus on what she needs, rather than on what he can get. Basically, men need to love women more.


The idea of empowering people and that moment when someone sees what they are capable of is just incredible to me.


Is it ok to sometimes be shy?Yes, of course.

The point is,that being that way all the time and using it as an excuse to never be the opposite of shy,it's not good. It's not good for your life, your interactions,strenght of character and how diverse and interesting you can be. You are MORE than shy. Don't be labeled, be what you wanna be in any given moment. And DO what WORKS, not what you think you are.


The most important thing to me about energy is mental, not physical.

By that I mean to say, the easiest way I've found to create sustained enthusiasm is to be absolutely head-over-hells in love with what you do.


In terms of relationships, women often completely over-estimate the confidence of men, and forget about needing to feel validated.


Never stop trying to impress your partner.

If you can both stay in that place, when you really want to show the best of yourselves to each other, relationships can become such a powerful team.


When you're in love with the work, the energy comes more naturally.

You want to wake up in the morning to write more material, or to go on stage and give every shred of emotion you have.


We don't enter relationships hoping to create an extraordinary existence;

we come to them to share one with someone else.


I'm not someone who likes having a master plan for everything, but I do believe in a vision for your life.


Most people leave work at the end of the day so they can surround themselves with people and talk, but those are both things I do all day anyway! So I tend to seek out peace in my private time.