Sometimes I have to remind myself, that on my worst day I live like somebody on their greatest

ā€” Meek Mill

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No matter how successful you become you gotta keep grindin' and be a good person and then good things will come to you.


Big dreams turn into big things.


Work harder than anybody you've ever seen. That's what I believe.


I don't like a girl on social media, when you have an open inbox, answering questions from dudes left and right, every day. What's the point? It's like having your number all out.


If you don't have your friends and your family, what do you really have? You can have all the money in the world, but with no friends and no family, it's no good.


When I bought the Rolls Royce they thought it was leased, then I bought that new Ferrari hater rest in peace.


I work hard. I focus on myself and putting food on my dinner table before anything else. I don't worry about other artists. Worrying about the next person in a negative way is the wrong way to be.


Everybody think they're famous when they get 100,000 followers on Instagram and 5,000 on Twitter.


My homies used to call me ' ions,' and at the time I didn't have no millions, so I ain't really want to be called 'Millions,' so I just shortened it down to . ' i,' my friends used to call me.


I don't wear the see-through shirts or anything too glittery.

I come from that '90s school of rap. Fitted caps, because I got a big head, so snapbacks don't fit me right.


I think everybody from Philadelphia been shot at before.


I think artists should be able to do different things whenever they want and I like the way I am. I'm like - I ain't gonna say the only street rapper, but the only mainstream, new, young street rapper there is right now and I'm doing well with it.


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Me and Kendrick [Lamar] have different types of music.

He from a different coast; we ain't in the same lane.


When I'm not in the booth, I'm one of the most laid-back guys.

But growing up, I liked DMX, Jay-Z, 50 Cent, and T.I. - dudes that went all out on the track. My first songs were energetic because I liked their energy.


I don't know what type of music my son will want.

By the time he starts listening to music, really, at like 15, 16, I'll probably have 10 albums out by that time.


You could be Top 5 on iTunes, but for people to buy an album, they've got to have a connection with an artist. Every time I bought someone's album, it was about the connection. I was loving everything, from their raps to their style. I wanted to meet them.


I always wanted to be one of the hottest rappers.


I'm not gone remix a record I don't got no love for.


I watch my YouTube videos over and over.


It's cool when people know you more, but I like people to treat me regular when they see me. I take pictures. I don't really be big on people looking at me.


I have a fan base worldwide, man. I think they're really down for me. That's how I got signed - 30,000 fans retweeting Rick Ross.


I've been betrayed a lot of times in life. I think everybody's been.


I don't want to just be fully rapping my whole life.


I leave my circle tight in keep my family close.


I don't think I would change really anything about rap.

Rap don't have no limits to it, and I like it like that.


They say money rule the world, you canā€™t pay God with it


Just build your brand from day one, man.

Your brand is your name, basically. A lot of people don't know that they need to build their brand, your brand is what keeps you moving.


I don't think about returning to the streets, 'cause I don't have any plans to return to the streets. I'm at another level in my life. Returning to the street - I still be in my streets when I get time to, when it's necessary.


I've always been rapping before I was making money off of it.

Before I made a profit, I had always been rapping.


First black president ever, and to be living while it happened - that's a good part of history. That's probably the biggest person I admire right now.


The money turned me into a monster


Jay-Z ain't a manager; he owns a management company. He been through this, he been through the game for a long time so he knows tactics in taking artists in certain directions we need to go in.


I'm into all types of stuff. I might have on Pumas one day, Givenchy the next. I'd wear this John Elliott sweat suit to the club.


People say money ain't nothing; money is basically everything.


Philly gave me my ambition and drive to get more.

It's a reminder to stay on top of my game. That's not a place I want to go back to.


I'm always gonna be all over my CD the most, of course.

My talent is my talent. I ain't really tripping off no ego; I just like to make good music with good people.


I just do whatever I feel. Whatever the beat makes me say, I do that and I run with that.


One night I prayed to God, I asked could he please remove my enemies from my life, and before you knew it I started losing friends.


When you do 10 interviews in one day, and 10 different sources want to talk to you, that means you're doing good. I think about that every day.


Management plays a role just keeping everything in place for you and making sure everything's going right.


I think it's way harder when you have success, 'cause people tend to not treat you the same or look at you the same because they see the success or the money you make.


I got into music when I was 12, 13.