I'm very versatile and there's nothing I really regret in my life. I'm excited with who I am and I'm just going to keep riding the wave.

ā€” Rick Ross

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Momma gettin' older feelin' pains In her shoulder. I gotta stay focused and remain a little soldier.


I may not be a role model, but I most definitely could be motivation for a lot of people in the hoods.


Love is for free, just expensive to shop.


These haters can't hold me back.


Woman is the most precious gift known to man.


There may be some difficulties during a period of adjustment.

Specifically, picking up their life again and making their own truly independent decisions.


Forget yesterday, live for today. Tomorrow will take care of itself.


I'm from where your hustle determines your salary.


Regardless of how it goes down, life goes on.


Every day is a new opportunity to reach that goal.


I'm building a dream with elevators in it.


If I had been literate, I wouldn't have sold drugs.

I just wanted a job. I would have worked at McDonald's. And I would have put the same effort into the fries and mopping the floor that I would have put into drugs. I'm the kind of person that always wants to do a job the best I can. I don't believe in half-doing jobs.


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How many people you bless is how you measure success


Am I really just a narcissist, Cause I wake up to a bowl of lobster bisque?


I didn't understand that you could go to jail for the rest of your life for selling cocaine. I thought life sentences were for murderers. I didn't know that you could get it for supplying something to someone that they asked you for.


The best method for preventing destructive cult involvement is preventative education. If students and the public at large are more aware of destructive groups beforehand they may better understand and resist their recruitment efforts.


Also, schools share some responsibility and should offer helpful orientations that include general information about such recruitment efforts on their campuses.


I like to write music for fun. That's my hustle, my grind, my means of stayin' alive, and it's also my recreation, too.


It's absolutely fun to walk around and have people respect you.

When Michael Jackson did Thriller, I was in the park one day, and a girl came up to me and said, "Man, the only people they talk about around here are Michael Jackson and you." It was pretty flattering to be considered in the same light as the king of pop in my area.


However, today due to civil litigation funded by cults this option for families has been eliminated. Instead, the only form of cult intervention now practiced is voluntary-with the exception of minor children under the direct supervision of a custodial parent.


Nah, that's not true.


If you had a magic wand today, and you had one wish - to wipe out all the drug dealers, take them all off the streets and put them in jail, no trial, everybody who sold drugs would automatically be convicted. You know what's going to happen? There's going to be new ones. Why? Because the drug users are going to create them.


I said 'boss' and I meant that, advance you spent that Corvette so clean, you'll think Bruce Springsteen rent that


At one time, due to the reluctance of cult groups to allow members to dialogue with their families and professionals about their involvement (or even to allow families access to a loved one) -"involuntary deprogramming" became the choice of some families as a last resort.


Two, let's all stop smoking blunts; let's smoke out of papers. Ladies, you all should just love me. Let's all have a beautiful year, let's get this money.


My Chevrolet shines like a marble floor. Baby keep it raw, have you modeled before?


Most often the earlier a cult member is approached through an intervention the more likely they are to be responsive.


In a cult intervention information is presented about the group that the member is most often not aware of.


I scoop Emmy winners like kitty litter.


When families observe a later, deeper stage of cult involvement they may find it necessary to consider the involvement of a professional such as myself in an intervention effort.


I won't sing to you like Chris and Ne-Yo, but I'm fresher than a stick of deo.


He knockin' on the door, let the devil in.


Every boss started as a worker.


You know how in football, guys throw defenses, and the defense throws you a look, but the look is not really what it is - it's only made to fool you. It's the same thing with drugs. The drug is only an illusion to draw you in.


I ain't makin' music for the media. I make music for the people in the streets - that want a street level of entertainment. I'm makin' music because I have the streets to feed.


It's a new year, new year, new money, money!


Look you dead in the face Now tell me how good does it taste


Iā€™m single, Iā€™m enjoying life. Being a boss. Like all true bosses, one day you gotta give it up.


I usually have an idea that I want to build on and let the music take me where I wanna go.


I mean, I'm a fan of Eminem. I'm a fan first and foremost. Maybe before I wouldn't have challenged him, but I'm contemplating it now.


Typically cult groups target universities and colleges.

Most likely those schools that maintain campus housing.


Everyday I'm Hustlin'.


I just take everything one at a time and make sure everything I do is the best.


Living fast where it's all about the money bags? Never front.


Being dead broke is the Root of all Evil.


This consists of a series of meetings that may last several days through which information is provided that may include reviewing documentaries, news programs, court records and certain reports about the group in question.


Got a budget for the lawyer though.


Everywhere I go, I can't wear everything a designer creates. I'm a little more gritty.


When you're drug kingpin - you're a mayor.

You are a governor. But of a different society. You get to do what you want to do, just like any mayor. You can park your car anywhere. You get the best women. You go to the restaurants and eat free. It was like being a rock star. Like being Magic Johnson or Michael Jordan. It was just pure freedom, everything I was looking for. I desperately wanted freedom.