Nothing can take away our memories or what we know.

— Mel Daniels

The most unexpected Mel Daniels quotes that are simple and will have a huge impact on you

The ABA really loosened up the NBA and introduced innovations like the three-point shot and the Slam Dunk and other competitions at the All Star Game. And we had all the hot young players.


I was definitely out of control, but I loved the game of basketball and I played to win and I didn't understand anything less than that. That's why I have a hard time with the young men who can't play because they went to the dentist this afternoon.


I'm ecstatic that I had the opportunity to play in the American Basketball Association. It was an opportunity to be part of something new and exciting and I think everyone who played would tell you the same thing.


Michael Jordan was blessed by God to play basketball and Roger Brown was the closet person to him I ever saw. I don't say that lightly. Roger was phenomenal. There was nothing he couldn't do. He was so quick he would trick people blind - I even saw him miss layups because he was laughing so hard at what he had just done to someone.