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An unfair process helps no one. But once you've gone through with that process and you think that you know that person has raped someone, they have to go. — Michele Landis Dauber

We've been told by the people on the other side who don't like the campus sexual assault movement that these are all "he-said, she-said" cases. Quite rightly, they say campus procedures are often very flawed, the investigation methods are not that good, and we aren't sure what we can trust. [Opponents say that] it seems like a lot to call somebody a rapist if they haven't gone to a criminal trial. — Michele Landis Dauber

Every person that comes to court deserves a fair process. — Michele Landis Dauber

The California constitution provides that our judges are elected, not appointed. They are serving at the pleasure of the people and they are accountable to the people. — Michele Landis Dauber

We need to get good processes in place, we need to use them, and then we need to impose good sanctions that make our campuses safe. This case is encouraging because the first step to the solution is empathy. — Michele Landis Dauber

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