Nobody loves a good worship service more than I do, but we are called to make religion real, to make our faith come alive. Helping others have a decent place to live is one way to do that and it doesn't take too long for others to recognize it, too.

— Millard Fuller

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It's not your blue blood, your pedigree or your college degree.

It's what you do with your life that counts.


For a community to be whole and healthy, it must be based on people's love and concern for each other.


This is God's work. It makes blisters and it makes sweat, but it's worth my time and it's worth your time....Working together as God's people in the world-I don't know of anything more rewarding.


We want to make it socially, morally, politically and religiously unacceptable to have substandard housing and homelessness.


The theology of the hammer embraces wholeheartedly the idea that the love of God and love of man must be blended. The word and the deed must come together. One without the other is devoid of meaning … As the deed gets closer to the word, God gets closer to us. The results are always wonderful — and sometimes spectacular!


In various ways all of us should be constantly finding people and situations that are dead, buried, and covered up in order to help bring them to the light because THE GOD THAT WE SERVE is a God of LIGHT, a God of LOVE, and a God of CARING.


Our mandate in Habitat for Humanity is to work diligently to help bring into being graceful communities, towns, and cities. his is so important because the alternative is disgraceful. We must begin to think like this. If we do, we will increasingly see transformations in our communities.


I have tried raising money by asking for it, and by not asking for it.

I always got more by asking for it.


Faith must become more than a verbal proclamation or an intellectual assent.

True faith must be acted out.


Churches are the primary partners that work with Habitat in an almost infinite variety of creative overlapping circles. We cherish these partnerships with churches…I have always seen Habitat for Humanity as a servant of the church and as a vehicle through which the church and its people can express their love, faith, and servanthood to people in need in a very tangible and concrete (literally!) way.


We have the know-how in the world to house everyone.

We have the resources in the world to house everyone. All that's missing is the WILL to do it.


Everyone—all of us, every last person on God’s earth—deserves decent shelter. It speaks to the most basic of human needs—our home—the soil from which all of us, every last person, either blossom or wither. We each have need of food, clothing, education, medical care, and companionship; but first, we must have a place to live and grow.


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It's not your blue blood, your pedigree or your college degree.

It's what you do with your life that counts.


I see life as both a gift and a responsibility.

My responsibility is to use what God has given me to help His people in need.


The only safe investment one can make in life is what is given away.


Faith without works is as dead as a doornail.


Everyone who gets sleepy at night should have a simple decent place to lay their heads, on terms they can afford to pay.


There are sufficient resources in the world for the needs of everybody, but not enough for the greed of even a significant minority.