Life is only limited by our prejudices. Destroy them, and you cease to be at the mercy of yourself.

— Mina Loy

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There is no Space or Time Only intensity, And tame things Have no immensity


The flux of life is pouring its aesthetic aspect into your eyes, your ears - and you ignore it because you are looking for your canons of beauty in some sort of frame or glass case or tradition.


Another great illusion that woman must .

.. destroy . .. is the impurity of sex, the realisation in defiance of superstition that there is nothing impure in sex - except in the mental attitude toward it.


Women if you want to realise yourselves - you are on the eve of a devastating psychological upheaval - all your pet illusions must be unmasked - the lies of centuries have got to go - are you prepared for the Wrench?


The feminist movement as at present instituted is Inadequate.


Gertrude Stein ... the Madame Curie of language. Because in her deep research she has crushed thousands of tons of matter to extract the radium of the word.


LOVE of others is the appreciation of one's self.

MAY your egotism be so gigantic that you comprise mankind in your self-sympathy.


Love of others is the appreciation of one's self.


Women must destroy in themselves, the desire to be loved-


Leave off looking to men to find out what you are not - seek within yourselves to find out what you are.


Poetry is prose bewitched, a music made of visual thoughts, the sound of an idea.


DIE in the past. Live in the future.


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If you want to realize yourselves all your pet illusions must be unmasked.