Some events are in the area of the soul where words cannot penetrate.

— Neal Cassady

The most uplifting Neal Cassady quotes that will inspire your inner self

Billboards, billboards, drink this, eat that, use all manner of things, everyone, the best, the cheapest, the purest and most satisfying of all their available counterparts. Red lights flicker on every horizon, airplanes beware; cars flash by, more lights. Workers repair the gas main. Signs, signs, lights, lights, streets, streets.


I see no greatness in my self...I'm a simple-minded, child-like, insipid sort of moronic and kind of akward feeling adolescent.


The time has come, everybody lie down so you won't get hurt when the sun bursts.


I alone, as the sharer of their way of life, presented a replica of childhood.


Each day I lacerated myself thinking on her, but I didn't go back.


And so love goes. And so life goes. And so I go.


I became the unnatural son of a few score of beaten men.


Sometimes I sits and thinks. Other times I sits and drinks, but mostly I just sits.


We are actually fourth dimensional beings in a third dimensional body inhabiting a second dimensional world!


Art is good when it springs from necessity.

This kind of origin is the guarantee of its value; there is no other.