We turn outward, attracted by the beauty we see in created things without realizing that they are only a reflection of the real beauty. And the real beauty is within us.

— Ernesto Cardenal

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We all share in the same cosmic rhythm.

.. For all natural laws are like the rhythm of the strings of the harp.


What Marxism calls atheism is basically the negation of an idol, which sometimes bears the name of God.


I speak of the current civilization and I consider her not as a symbol but as victim-victim, really, of the commercialization, of the falsification of this real world. That is my theme.


The revolution in Nicaragua was the first of its kind to be accomplished with the mass support of Christians, a fact that cannot fail to influence the further development of revolutionary movements in the whole of Latin America, whose inhabitants are predominantly Christian.


All human eyes have longing in them.


According to some liberation theologians atheism is not the cause of the conflict between Christianity and Marxism, but is rather the link between them.


I began to write poetry when I was about four years old.

In other words, I've always been writing poetry.


My poetry is not lyric. The epigrams are lyric because they come from my youthful period of lyricism, but my other poetry is not lyric.


I am not interested in an economic liberation of man without the liberation of the whole man.


God may do something silly at any time, because, like any lover, God does not reason. God is drunk with love.


I think that the proclamation of the Gospel is sometimes nearer to an atheistic point of view than to traditional religious attitudes.


There is however difference between the theology of liberation and traditional theology, the latter being based primarily On the Word of God made incarnate in the Holy Scripture Liberation theology is of course also inspired by the Word, but its representatives are convinced that God also speaks to us in everyday events and that, for example, information obtained through the mass media can be a special way in which God speaks to us.


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I myself have never called what I write anti-poetry.

I also think that my poetry should not be only known as the poetry of Ernesto Cardenal but rather as Nicaraguan poetry.


Like a lover who spends all his time thinking of his distant love, God has been thinking of me since before I was born, for all eternity.


I am not interested in poetry for poetry's sake.


Slogan-making is not poetry.

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