I don't know how I ever lived before You are my life, my destiny Oh my darling, I love you so You mean everything to me

— Neil Sedaka

The most colossal Neil Sedaka quotes that will inspire your inner self

November, I'll give thanks that you belong to me.

December, you're the present beneath my Christmas tree.


If you loved music, you loved Freddie Mercury.


I healed people, emotionally and physically, through my music.

I get a lot of e-mails from people who are suffering through a lot of problems. They tell me they put on a Neil Sedaka record, and it's like medicine. It picks them up, and gets them out of their unfortunate situations.


Devil, you've got me all in a whirl. I'm wise to your game.


They say that breaking up is hard to do, now I know, I know that it's true.


I knew I had to have a hit. I would get no more chances. Analyzing what they had in common I discovered they had many similar elements: harmonic rhythm, placement of the chord changes, choice of harmonic progressions, similar instrumentation, vocal phrases, drum fills, content, even the timbre of the lead solo voice. I decided to write a song that incorporated all these elements in one record.