We can't buy one minute of time with cash; if we could, rich people would live longer.

— O. Henry

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Greenwich Village... the village of low rents and high arts.


Beauty is Nature in perfection; circularity is its chief attribute. Behold the full moon, the enchanting golf ball, the domes of splendid temples, the huckleberry pie, the wedding ring, the circus ring, the ring for the waiter, and the "round" of drinks.


Inject a few raisins of conversation into the tasteless dough of existence.


Each of us, when our day's work is done, must seek our ideal, whether it be love or pinochle or lobster à la Newburg, or the sweet silence of the musty bookshelves.


No friendship is an accident.


I've got some of my best yarns from park benches, lamp posts and newspaper stands.


Fortune is a prize to be won. Adventure is the road to it. Chance is what may lurk in the shadows at the roadside.


There is one day that is ours. Thanksgiving Day is the one day that is purely American.


A good story is like a bitter pill, with the sugar coating inside of it.


Turn up the lights. I don't want to go home in the dark.


Life is made up of sobs, sniffles, and smiles, with sniffles predominating.


I'll give you the whole secret to short story writing.

Here it is. Rule 1: Write stories that please yourself. There is no Rule 2.


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There was clearly nothing to do but flop down on the shabby little couch and howl. So Della did it. Which instigates the moral reflection that life is made up of sobs, sniffles, and smiles, with sniffles predominating.


If a person has lived through war, poverty and love, he has lived a full life


East is East, and West is San Francisco, according to Californians.

Californians are a race of people; they are not merely inhabitants of a State.


There is one day that is ours. There is one day when all we Americans who are not self-made go back to the old home to eat saleratus biscuits and marvel how much nearer to the porch the old pump looks than it used to. Thanksgiving Day is the one day that is purely American.


You can't appreciate home till you've left it, money till it's spent, your wife till she's joined a woman's club, nor Old Glory till you see it hanging on a broomstick on the shanty of a consul in a foreign town.


Take of London fog 30 parts; malaria 10 parts, gas leaks 20 parts, dewdrops gathered in a brickyard at sunrise 25 parts; odor of honeysuckle 15 parts. Mix. The mixture will give you an approximate conception of a Nashville drizzle.


All of us have to be prevaricators, hypocrites, and liars every day of our lives; otherwise the social structure would fall into pieces the first day. We must act in one another's presence just as we must wear clothes. It is for the best


When a man begins to be hilarious in a sorrowful way you can bet a million that he is dyeing his hair.


There is a saying that no man has tasted the full flavor of life until he has known poverty, love, and war.


In the Big City a man will disappear with the suddenness and completeness of the flame of a candle that is blown out.


A story with a moral appended is like the bill of a mosquito.

It bores you, and then injects a stinging drop to irritate your conscience.


Now, girls, if you want to observe a young man hustle out after a pick and shovel, just tell him that your heart is in some other fellow's grave. Young men are grave-robbers by nature.


We may achieve climate, but weather is thrust upon us.


This fair but pitiless city of Manhattan was without a soul .

.. its inhabitants were manikins moved by wires and springs.


Love and business and family and religion and art and patriotism are nothing but shadows of words when a man's starving!


It couldn't have happened anywhere but in little old New York.


The magi, as you know, were wise men wonderfully wise men who brought gifts to the Babe in the manger. They invented the art of giving Christmas presents.


A straw vote only shows which way the hot air blows.


In dress, habits, manners, provincialism, routine and narrowness, he acquired that charming insolence, that irritating completeness, that sophisticated crassness, that overbalanced poise that makes the Manhattan gentleman so delightfully small in its greatness.


You'd think New York people was all wise;

but no, they can't get a chance to learn. Every thing's too compressed. Even the hayseeds are bailed hayseeds. But what else can you expect from a town that's shut off from the world by the ocean on one side and New Jersey on the other?


There is this difference between the grief of youth and that of old age;

youth's burden is lightened by as much of it as another shares; old age may give and give, but the sorrow remains the same.


There is no well defined boundary line between honesty and dishonesty.

The frontiers of one blend with the outside limits of the other, and he who attempts to tread this dangerous ground may be sometimes in the one domain and sometimes in the other.


Except in streetcars one should never be unnecessarily rude to a lady.


Of habit, the power that keeps the earth from flying to pieces;

though there is some silly theory of gravitation.


He seemed to be made of sunshine and blood-red tissue and clear weather.


East is East, and West is San Francisco


I'll give you the sole secret of short-story writing, and here it is: Rule 1.

Write stories that please yourself. There is no rule 2. The technical points you can get from Bliss Perry. If you can't write a story that pleases yourself, you will never please the public. But in writing the story forget the public.


There was clearly nothing to do but flop down on the shabby little couch and howl.


Women's weapon, water-drops.


Whenever he saw a dollar in another man's hands he took it as a personal grudge, if he couldn't take it any other way.


Hospitality in the prairie country is not limited.

Even if your enemy passes your way, you must feed him before you shoot him.


A burglar who respects his art always takes his time before taking anything else.


Bohemia is nothing more than the little country in which you do not live.

If you try to obtain citizenship in it, at once the court and retinue pack the royal archives and treasure and move away beyond the hills.


If there ever was an aviary overstocked with jays it is that Yaptown-on-the-Hudson, call New York. Cosmopolitan they call it, you bet. So's a piece of fly-paper. You listen close when they're buzzing and trying to pull their feet out of the sticky stuff. "Little old New York's good enough for us"--that's what they sing.


Write what you like; there is no other rule.


If you can't write a story that pleases yourself, you will never please the public. But in writing the story forget the public.


Whenever my patient begins to count the carriages in her funeral procession I subtract 50 per cent from the curative power of medicines.

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