Quotes by New Zealander Actress Pamela Stephenson

So many people suffer from abuse, and suffer alone. Pamela Stephenson

The work of a psychotherapist involves being empathic and insightful with one's patients without getting too lost in their painful stories to be helpful. Pamela Stephenson

After all my probing into the human brain, I should still be aware of mysteries and come up with them myself. Pamela Stephenson
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Being a psychologist did enable me to maintain objectivity. Pamela Stephenson
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I don't like the term mid-life crisis. Pamela Stephenson

I don't think I'm generous enough to be the straight guy. I sort of make my own way and make my own statement. Do I mind pushing myself forward? Not at all. Pamela Stephenson

I grew up in the suburbs of Sydney, an arid kind of place, but every day I took the ferry across the harbour to get to school. I'd watch the ships coming in and going out. Pamela Stephenson
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I loved my life, but my choices were overloading and overwhelming me. Listening to inner feelings and fulfilling some of these urges when they come along is incredibly important. Pamela Stephenson

I've really written my books for my husband and our family. They've brought us closer together by allowing us to discuss things that were unspoken for so long. Pamela Stephenson

It is one thing to go on stage and be funny or be in a good place in your career, but for a woman, actually facing the elements in a physical way is a very powerful thing. Pamela Stephenson

Love is an obsession. It has that quality to it. But there are healthy obsessions, and mine is one of them. Pamela Stephenson

Most people who went about saying a ghost had poked them with a brolly would be locked up somewhere. Pamela Stephenson
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Perfect objectivity is always impossible, no matter who writes a person's biography. Pamela Stephenson

Sexual dreams aren't usually about sex. Pamela Stephenson

Suffering from dysentery at sea was no picnic. Pamela Stephenson

The notion of a contemporary epiphany to me is very exciting, because it's a sort of biblical thing. It's something that has happened to people in other centuries or in the context of religious experience. Pamela Stephenson

There's been a number of erroneous biographies, articles and so on written about Billy and we both thought it would be a good idea to produce a true one. Pamela Stephenson

There is a probably natural and learned reticence with myself talking about my early life. Pamela Stephenson
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There may be a point where I may decide to write an autobiography. Pamela Stephenson

There seems to be this impression that if I really am a psychotherapist, I can't be serious about it. They think there must be something fishy going on. Pamela Stephenson
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