In my work, I present questions and concerns. [It's] the opportunity to put a system of antibodies into circulation, without any pretense of making the world a better place, but to start a conversation with the world.

— Paolo Pellegrin

The most provocative Paolo Pellegrin quotes that are little-known but priceless

It sometimes happens that you just know.

.. You have a feeling that things are coinciding, and that they operate and work on a number of levels - obviously visual aesthetics, but also content and narrative in terms of the bigger picture. When document and metaphor come together.


I’m more interested in a photography that is ‘unfinished’ - a photography that is suggestive and can trigger a conversation or dialogue. There are pictures that are closed, finished, to which there is no way in.


The connection, that's what's important - that through this medium we can, perhaps, understand and touch each other.

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