I'm the sort of person who keeps a lot to myself.

— Patrick Rafter

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I don't know if Wimbledon's seen anything like it.

I don't know if they will again. But it was just - it was electric. The Aussie crowd, I'm really proud of them, the way they conducted themselves. You know they're great losers, as well.


Life's there to make the most of, and that's what I do.


I'm sick of making bloody history.


You've got to be realistic.


I'm not a creature of the night, mate.


I'm not going to be a ten or twelve grand-slam winner. It's not going to happen.


I'm not that good a player, and I'll be the first to admit that.

I might be a three or four grand-slam winner; I might be a two grand-slam winner, I don't know.

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