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To approach animals in their most natural, native settings. I have to understand the mysteries of their behavior. With careful preparation, I can show the animal in its best light, demonstrating its beauty, strength and intelligence.

— Paul Nicklen

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When you get in the water with a wild animal, you're essentially giving yourself to that animal because, as humans, we're quite helpless and vulnerable in the water. You're at the seal's mercy. You're at the predator's mercy.

Paul Nicklen

The penguin doesn't know it's cute, and the leopard seal doesn't know it's kind of big and monstrous. This is just the food chain unfolding.

Paul Nicklen

Gear is the least important part of the equation.

Having a vision and being able to articulate an idea visually are much more important.

Paul Nicklen

Really, what [sea] ice does is it acts like a garden.

... Losing that ice is like losing the soil in a garden.

Paul Nicklen

Who is Paul Nicklen?

Paul Nicklen is a Canadian photojournalist and conservationist
Nationality Canadian
Profession Photographer
Born October 16
Quotes 5 sayings