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Fear that comes from personal experience is far more real than fear based on someone else's ordeal.

— Peg Kehret

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I had longed to come home but now that I was there, it wasn't much fun.

Home wasn't the same if I couldn't sleep in my own bedroom or use the bathroom by myself. I felt like a stranger in those familiar rooms.

Peg Kehret

Guests are people who come to your home to see you whine at the table, bark loudly, jump on women wearing pantyhose, and do other tricks which you wouldn't think of doing just for the family.

Peg Kehret

I wasn't inspired so much by a person as by reading many good books.

I loved to write and I wondered if I might be able to write material that others would enjoy reading.

Peg Kehret

I could not write my books without the library's help.

Even with the ease of Internet research, I find books to be indispensable when I am writing. ... Books make me laugh, cry, and think. They give me insight into history, and into the lives of people in other cultures. They help me make important decisions, and they provide endless entertainment. Hooray for libraries!

Peg Kehret

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Peg Kehret is a American children's writer
Nationality American
Profession Author
Born November 11, 1936
Quotes 5 sayings