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A man's penmanship is an unfailing index of his character, moral and mental, and a criterion by which to judge his peculiarities of taste and sentiments. — Philip Dormer Stanhope

Flattery, though a base coin, is the necessary pocket money at court; where, by custom and consent, it has obtained such a currency that it is no longer a fraudulent, but a legal payment. — Philip Dormer Stanhope

The young leading the young, is like the blind leading the blind; they will both fall into the ditch. — Philip Dormer Stanhope

Nature has hardly formed a woman ugly enough to be insensible to flattery upon her person; if her face is so shocking that she must in some degree be conscious of it, her figure and her air, she trusts, make ample amends for it. — Philip Dormer Stanhope

Can an author with reason complain that he is cramped and shackled if he is not at liberty to publish blasphemy, bawdry, or sedition?; all of which are equally prohibited in the freest governments, if they are wise and well-regulated ones. — Philip Dormer Stanhope

Let dull critics feed upon the carcases of plays; give me the taste and the dressing. — Philip Dormer Stanhope

Patience is a most necessary qualification for business; many a man would rather you heard his story than granted his request. One must seem to hear the unreasonable demands of the petulant, unmoved, and the tedious details of the dull, untired. That is the least price that a man must pay for a high station. — Philip Dormer Stanhope

I am sure that since I have had the full use of my reason, nobody has heard me laugh. — Philip Dormer Stanhope

Few men are of one plain, decided color; most are mixed, shaded or blended; and vary as much from different situations, as changeable silks do from different lights. — Philip Dormer Stanhope

'All Mr. Pitt's sentiments were liberal and elevated. His ruling passion was an unbounded ambition, which, when supported by great abilities and crowned with great success, make (sic) what the world calls a great man. He was haughty, imperious, impatient of contradiction, and over-bearing; qualities which too often accompany, but always clog, great ones — Philip Dormer Stanhope

A light supper, a good night's sleep, and a fine morning have sometimes made a hero of the same man who, by an indigestion, a restless night, and a rainy morning would have proved a coward. — Philip Dormer Stanhope

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