Life should be lived on the edge of life. You have to exercise rebellion: to refuse to tape yourself to rules, to refuse your own success, to refuse to repeat yourself, to see every day, every year, every idea as a true challenge - and then you are going to live your life on a tightrope.

— Philippe Petit

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Whenever other worlds invite us, whenever we are balancing on the boundaries of our limited human condition, that’s where life starts, that’s where you start feeling yourself living.


Passion is the model of all my actions.


When you are a young person, the world is yours. You can do the impossible.


I am very attracted by the mysterious landscape of Easter Island.

Not only because it is a piece of land that is further away from another, but also because of the beautiful statues of Moai that are there. To do a beautiful walk there, I would have to involve the Moai, and the Rapa Nui people who live on the island.


Death frames the high wire. But I don’t see myself as taking risks. I do all of the preparations that a non-death seeker would do.


I usually practice on a small, low wire, that features the predominant wind.

I study the meteorology of the place at the time that I am supposed to do my walk, and then I find the predominant direction and velocity of the wind and I train to fight that wind.


The essential thing is to etch movements in the sky, movements so still they leave no trace. The essential thing is simplicity. / That is why the long path to perfection is horizontal.


For me, when I am on the wire, I do not have a problem of eliminating or blocking fear. I do not really feel fear, although it is a fearful activity to walk in thin air, as I do without any safety device, but I am not fearful.


If I die, what a beautiful death.


I have walked many times around the world and each time it's different from the last one. It feels a little bit like I am a theatrical director, creating a theatre in space. It's really a theater in the sky. But of course the World Trade Center is certainly the most well-known of my productions.


If I look at the performance of another friend Sting, whenever I hear him take over a stage and share his art with millions, it's very inspiring to me. So I have a lot in my life, a lot of friends who inspire me and I'm sure it goes the other way around, or so that I inspire them.


The practical answer is, no it would be totally impossible for young or foreign people to get access to roof of a building that stands in the heart of a giant city and to put a cable across.


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I focus, I invent, I transform, I challenge, I attempt, I observe, I perform.


It's impossible, that's for sure. So let's start working.


On one side, the mass of a mountain. A life I know. On the other, the universe of the clouds, so full of unknown that it seems empty to us. Too much space.


I don't have a career, I have a life.

Don't think of a career, think about your passion and look for inspiration.


You must not fall. / When you lose your balance, resist for a long time before turning yourself toward the earth. Then jump. / You must not force yourself to stay steady. You must move forward.


Limits exist only in the souls of those who do not dream.


I was thrown out of five different schools, because instead of listening to the teachers, I was my own teacher.


You can always find a way to do something.

Now, of course, when I do the action, it's an action that inspires people, it's a gift to people, it's not the other way around, I do not take something, I do not hurt people. Yes, I think today would be more than impossible and yet part of me would think that I continue to think that nothing is impossible.


I am very sensitive to all form of music, painting, sculpting, dancing, and I love cinema also. For example if I look at the work of the dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov, who happens to be a friend of mine, everything he does is inspiring to me.


Life should be lived on the edge of life.


Wirewalker, trust your feet! Let them lead you; they know the way.


I was not born into the world of the stuntman and the daredevil;

I was born into the world of theater and writing and sculpting and classical music.


I am the poet of the high wire - I never do stunts; I do theatrical performances.


When I perform outside, the major problem that could arise is strong wind.

I spend months preparing for the types of wind that occur in different locations.


I know it's impossible. But I know I'll do it!


Improvisation is empowering because it welcomes the unknown.

And since what's impossible is always unknown, it allows me to believe I can cheat the impossible.


Why does almost every ad agency in the world set the time on a watch at 10:10 before photographing it?


I don't like to risk my life, so I prepare sometimes for months or sometimes for years. But sometimes after a walk, I look what I have done, and I have a little bit of fear coming to me, just looking at pictures.