There's a harsh reality - nothing lasts forever. You have to be ready to grow, and grow fast.

— Pras Michel

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I'm one of those firm believers that good music will prevail.


I think there's always room for people to hear different styles of music, especially when it comes from the heart.


I didn't want to do the whole, get the hottest person thing.

I wanted to make sure every record felt right.


People in the record business would say, Well, Pras, you know, you haven't been out in a while, maybe you should get today's hottest producer or rapper to do something.


In life we try to grow and better ourselves. As an artist, I feel like I've grown tremendously.


I'm confident being at Universal, which is a great home for me, 'cause they understand what I'm trying to do.


There's a lot of madness going on out there.

Artists can only be what they are, but the industry only goes with what they think people wanna hear.

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